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Wrestling shoes are an essential part of any wrestler's gear. Not only do they provide the necessary support and grip, but they also play a significant role in enhancing performance and preventing injuries. Investing in a high-quality pair of wrestling shoes, like those from Funky Flickr Boyz Gear, is just the first step. 

To ensure that your wrestling shoes last and continue to perform at their best, proper care and maintenance are crucial. This blog will guide you through various tips and techniques to keep your wrestling shoes in top shape.

1. Clean Regularly

Why Cleaning Matters

Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt, sweat, and bacteria, which can cause unpleasant odors and deterioration of the shoe material.

How to Clean

  • Surface Cleaning: Use a soft brush or cloth to remove loose dirt from the surface.
  • Deep Cleaning: Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water. Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean the surface. Avoid soaking the shoes.
  • Drying: Let your shoes air dry at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources, as they can warp the material.

2. Dry Properly

Avoid Moisture Buildup

Moisture from sweat can damage the shoe material and promote the growth of bacteria and mold.

Drying Tips

  • Air Dry: After each use, remove the insoles and let the shoes air dry completely.
  • Newspaper Trick: Stuff the shoes with newspaper to absorb moisture and maintain shape.
  • Drying Racks: Consider using a shoe drying rack for more efficient drying.

3. Store Correctly

Proper Storage

Storing your wrestling shoes correctly helps maintain their shape and prevents unnecessary wear.

Storage Tips

  • Cool, Dry Place: Store your shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Ventilation: Ensure the storage area has good ventilation to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Shoe Bags: Use breathable shoe bags to protect your shoes from dust while allowing air circulation.

4. Rotate Your Shoes

Benefits of Rotation

Rotating between two or more pairs of wrestling shoes can extend their lifespan by allowing each pair to dry and recover between uses.

Rotation Tips

  • Alternate Pairs: Use different pairs on different days to give each pair a break.
  • Match Usage: Rotate pairs based on the intensity of your training sessions to balance wear and tear.

5. Inspect for Damage

Regular Inspections

Regularly inspecting your wrestling shoes can help identify potential issues early and prevent further damage.

What to Look For

  • Sole Condition: Check the soles for signs of wear and tear. Replace if the grip is worn out.
  • Stitching and Seams: Inspect stitching and seams for any loose threads or gaps.
  • Insoles: Ensure the insoles are intact and not worn out.

6. Replace Insoles

Importance of Insoles

Insoles provide cushioning and support, which are crucial for comfort and performance.

Replacement Tips

  • Quality Insoles: Invest in high-quality insoles that offer good support and cushioning.
  • Regular Replacement: Replace insoles every few months or as soon as they show signs of wear.

7. Avoid Harsh Environments

Protect from Damage

Avoid exposing your wrestling shoes to harsh environments that can cause damage.

Environmental Tips

  • Avoid Mud and Water: Try to avoid using wrestling shoes in muddy or wet conditions.
  • Indoor Use: Use wrestling shoes primarily indoors to prevent exposure to rough surfaces.

8. Use Shoe Deodorizers

Combat Odors

Shoe deodorizers help combat odors and keep your wrestling shoes smelling fresh.

Deodorizing Tips

  • Deodorizing Sprays: Use antibacterial and deodorizing sprays specifically designed for athletic shoes.
  • DIY Options: Use natural deodorizers like baking soda or tea bags to absorb odors.

9. Learn Basic Repairs

Extend Lifespan with Repairs

Learning basic repair techniques can help you address minor issues and extend the life of your wrestling shoes.

Repair Tips

  • Stitching: Use a needle and thread to repair loose stitching.
  • Glue: Use shoe glue to fix minor sole separations.
  • Reinforcement: Reinforce high-wear areas with patches or additional stitching.

10. Avoid Over-Tightening

Proper Fit and Lacing

Ensuring a proper fit and lacing your shoes correctly can prevent damage and improve comfort.

Lacing Tips

  • Comfortable Fit: Make sure your shoes fit comfortably without being too tight.
  • Proper Lacing: Lace your shoes in a way that distributes pressure evenly and avoids over-tightening.


Taking care of your wrestling shoes is essential for maintaining their performance, comfort, and longevity. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your wrestling shoes, like those from Funky Flickr Boyz Gear, stay in great condition and continue to support you on the mat. Remember, a little care goes a long way in extending the life of your wrestling shoes and keeping them ready for action.

Quick Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean your shoes regularly.
  • Dry them properly after each use.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
  • Rotate between multiple pairs.
  • Inspect for damage regularly.
  • Replace insoles as needed.
  • Avoid harsh environments.
  • Use shoe deodorizers.
  • Learn basic shoe repairs.
  • Avoid over-tightening the laces.

By integrating these practices into your routine, you'll keep your wrestling shoes in top-notch condition, ready to perform at their best whenever you are.


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