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3 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods You Can Opt:
Carpet cleaning in a commercial area is a huge task as it involves a lot of effort and tools. For
commercial areas, it is always recommended to hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaning
service, DeKalb County. However, local cleaners can also be hired, but sometimes, carpets
need proper cleaning to remove tough stains and ground-in dirt and debris. Above this, there
are several methods to clean a carpet that you should know to take the right step for your
commercial place.
Note: One of the conventional carpet cleaning methods is steam cleaning that removes
around 80% of bacteria and debris from the carpet.
Different Carpet Cleaning Services:
1. Steam Cleaning:
While cleaning the carpet through steam or hot water, hot water is applied to fibers with a
high-pressure wand. Here, the steam and the pressure dissolve dirt, mud, and thick debris of
carpets and remove them quickly.
Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a fantastic option for those people who are allergic
to detergents. Steam or hot water cleaning not only kills bacteria, germs but also helps to
improve the quality of the carpet. Though it is difficult to extract all traces of water after
carpet steam clean, it might be possible that the carpet may not be ready to use after cleaning
for a few hours. For steam carpet cleaning, it is important to connect with a
professional Carpet Cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia.
2. Carpet Shampooing:
During this procedure, detergents were applied with lots of water on the carpet and then washed through brushes. Shampooing also helps in loosening the hold of debris and thick dirt. After
the scrub, clean water is used to remove the detergent or shampoo until the carpets are clean
and free from the dust.
Shampoos and light cleansers are a useful source of removing dirt from the carpet, but this
method needs proper consideration. Sometimes, sticky detergents are left behind after
shampooing the carpet; therefore, it is essential to scrub the carpet properly after this
3. Chemical Hitched Shampoo:
Cleaning carpet through the dry cleaning method uses a special detergent or quite similar
chemicals. Here, a small amount of solution is applied to the carpet to remove dirt and

debris. Further, through a rotating brush, the powder gets dissolve into attracting thick dirt easily.
Usually, dry carpet cleaning is used in offices and busy places where people cannot wait for a
dry carpet. Though during this method, the detergents and chemicals used for dry cleaning
can be pungent; therefore, proper ventilation is essential.
These three are the most common and popular methods that are used in commercial space.
These methods work best if you hire professionals and experts. Doing it on your own can
lead you in the wrong direction; therefore, always try to connect with the reputed Carpet
Cleaning Service in Atlanta, Georgia.

Reference Link:- Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta, Georgia


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