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Rising complexities related to handling and administration of novel / advanced therapeutic options, have caused many device developers to outsource certain aspects of their businesses to contract service providers. Moreover, development process of drug delivery devices, such as high-volume injectors, involves multiple components (including electronic and mechanical modules), which need to have an appropriate design / size and user interface quality. Currently, close to nearly 30 players across the globe claim to offer manufacturing services to the developers of wearable injectors. These services are related to manufacturing of primary drug containers, adhesive materials or infusion sets / accessories for large volume wearable injectors.  In addition, close to 70% of the companies offer adhesive materials, closures, injection moldings, infusion sets and other tools for wearable devices, such as injection needles.

Majority of these (37%) are mid-sized companies (201-1,000 employees), followed by 25% large companies (1,001-10,000 employees) and 21% small-sized companies (less than 200 employees). Further, this domain features the presence of 4 very large firms; examples include (in alphabetical order, headquartered in US) Battelle and SMC. 

It is worth highlighting that, most of the players are headquartered in North America (50%) followed by Europe (42%). It is interesting to note that all the North American players are headquartered in US. Within Europe, Switzerland and Germany emerged as a key hub of contract manufacturers, having close to four players each.

In fact, in an interview with the chief executive officer of a small-sized medical device company, he stated that “Currently many drug developers are collaborating with device manufacturers in order to design custom delivery solutions for the proprietary products of the former entities. I am lead to believe that this is going to become the norm in the future. 


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