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Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty services worldwide. For women, it is important to know a variety of eyelash extension techniques to meet their needs and occasion. One of the high-demand looks is cat-eye eyelash extensions. You can choose short natural eyelash extensions and also other styles and then you should know how to apply this eyelash extension style. Here you will find everything about eyelashes.


The eyelash extension style is quite complex if you choose short natural eyelash extensions there is no big deal but if you go for cat-eye there are a few things you must understand. The outer corner of the eye gets extended and a round shape gets created. The extensions should gradually increase with the outer corner of the eye. The length gets reduced again to the last sector of the outer corner. Short extensions are applied to the inner corner of the eye. “Cat eyes” create a playful look, while the imitation of a cat is subtle. Cat eye eyelashes are suitable for everyday wear. If you correctly and efficiently carry out the eyelash extension look, you get a seductive shine of the eyes. The cat effect not only lengthens the eyelashes but also gives them a playful yet natural curve.



You can use several materials for cat eyelashes:

  • Silk Lashes
  • Mink Lashes
  • Cashmere Lashes
  • Flat Lashes

The eyelash stylist chooses extensions of different lengths and diameters to vary the shape of the eye. The standard lengths are 14 to 6mm. The thicknesses go from 0,03-0,15mm. The main task is to achieve a smooth transition. The lash line should not look stepped. Many Experienced eyelash stylists mix up to two curls (for example C and CC curls) when applying the Cat eye eyelashes style. Professionals use six or more lengths so that the extensions are glued proportionally along the edge of the eye.




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