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Does your kitty start purring as soon as you pet her or pick her up? This is a pretty adorable habit, one that can easily melt hearts. However, cats aren't the only animals that purr. Squirrels, gorillas, and even elephants also do this.

Have you ever wondered why cats purr? It's generally a signal that they are happy and content. Kittens purr when they nurse, which may have been how this started. Baby cats can't meow with their mouths full, so they vibrate instead. Cats also purr sometimes when they are sick or scares, likely as a way to soothe themselves.

There's something very special about cat purrs: they actually have healing properties. Our feline friends purr at the same frequencies that are used in physical therapy. These frequencies increase bone density and promote tissue healing.

To make sure that your pet's motor is working properly, offer her lots of toys, treats, and love. Be sure to bring her to your veterinarian London, ON regularly as well.


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