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Cat Scratching Post – Which One is the Best?

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Cats love to scratch, because it is a normal and instinctive behavior that allows them to express emotions. Knowing how important scratch is for your fluffy pet, you may have a hard time finding the perfect cat scratching post. Truth being told, all the choices you make for your cat are difficult, whether you are looking for toys, cat litter crystals, food or scratching posts. Here is useful information that will help you make the right choice.

Vertical Cat Scratching Post

There are many cat scratching post available, with different shapes and textures that your pet may love playing with. The vertical ones are among the most popular, because they offer important advantages, as follows:

  • They allow cats to enjoy different exercises, such as stretch and pull. These types of exercises are good for strengthen their back and shoulder muscles.
  • By squatting or stretching, cats can strengthen their hindquarter muscles.
  • They improve cats’ nail health, as time they press downwards to the surface of the scratches, the outer layer of the nails is removed. Also, this prevents their nails from growing too long or growing into the paw pad.
  • Cats need to mark their territory and with vertical scratcher they can do that. Marking their territory is important for their health, even if they live in a small apartment.

Vertical scratches are an excellent choice for younger and active cats that love to claw the chair, the bed or the sofa.

Horizontal Scratcher

The cat scratching post, the cat litter crystals and the cat beds form the special environment you create for your cat. These are just as important as food, cat litter crystals and other toys you choose for your cat. If your cat is older or suffers from joints pain, horizontal scratchers are an excellent choice for her. These come in the form of branches, roots or boards and pads that allow cats to exercise their back and shoulder muscles.

With such a toy, your cat will have a lot of fun while she will sharpen her nails and work off her energy. Furthermore, using this type of scratcher is a great way of protecting your furniture from the unforgiven claws of your cat. Nevertheless, it can be used to mark territory or even to sleep. Some cats prefer to fall asleep on the surface of a scratcher when they are tired after all that playing.

Multifunctional Scratches

The multifunctional cat scratching post are available in different forms, including a tree or a condo. These are recommended for active and playful cats, because they will love the multiple horizontal and vertical surfaces to scratch. Also, they create a safe and attractive environment for cats to play, scratch and sleep. Some multifunctional scratches have comfortable hiding box on superior levels, perfect for the times they need privacy.

Multiple Textures Scratches

Just as multifunctional scratches create a great playing experience for your cat, the ones made of multiple textures are irresistible for your beloved fluffy pet. She will enjoy the amazing sensory experience these types of toys have to offer. Not only that will be fun to play with, but they are also good for their health. These allow them to improve their resistance while stretching and remove the outer layer of their nails. The mixture between the rough and soft surfaces respond to the cat needs of variety.

Key features of a Perfect Scratcher

Quality is crucial, whether you buy cat litter crystal, food or scratchers. There are some key features for a perfect scratcher that makes an ideal environment for your cat. Keep in mind that the best choice you can possible make is based on your cat’s preferences, but also on her age. An active and energic cat will appreciate a multi-function scratcher that will capture her attention. Here are three of these features you should consider:

·        Sturdiness

Cats need study scratchers not only because they offer an improved scratching experience, but also because they are more stable and increase their safety. As if cats were in nature, sturdy materials shreds under their claws. The noisier the scratcher is, the better. If you want to offer your cat a more satisfying experience, in accordance to their primary instincts, choose sturdy materials. The cat will never get tired of playing with it.

·        Variety of materials

It is easy to keep your cat occupied with a variety of materials. That is why you can choose scratchers that combine textures and materials to boost sensory experience. The mixture between rough and soft surfaces makes an excellent choice for a scratcher that your cat will adore. Sisal fabric is one of the best scratching surfaces because it shreds under their claws. Next time you see a scratcher made of sisal fabric, give it a chance, because it can be the perfect fit for your cat.

·        Multiple surfaces

When you opt for a multiple surface scratcher, it will be impossible even for the most active cat to get bored. Fortunately, there is a wide range of such toys, with multiple levels and surfaces, as well as hidden places. These create the perfect environment for your cat to mark her territory, play, scratch and sleep on a daily basis, without getting bored.

Don’t Forget about Cat Litter Crystals

While you are buying cat scratching post, don’t forget to look for high quality cat litter crystals. These are appreciated for their adsorbent properties, being able to attracting moisture and unpleasant smells. Also, they are low tracking, which prevents the unwanted litter prints being spread all over your house. Due to their multiple advantages, litter crystals are extremely popular nowadays, making it much easier to have a playful cat and a clean house at the same time.

Next time you are buying an absorbent material for your cat litter, take a look at litter crystals. They can be an excellent choice for your cat. When it comes to opting for the most suitable cat starching post, keep in mind the age and health of our pet, which allows to make the right choice.


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