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Cu-Al-Mn-based SMAs were used to create a new class of guidewire with mechanical characteristics such as SE, stiffness, and strength graded from tip to end. Controlling the relative grain size improves the SE of Cu-Al-Mn-based SMAs, and these SE wires are more flexible than nitinol SE wires. Furthermore, by ageing at about 300 °C, Cu-Al-Mn-based alloys exhibit a notable increase in hardness, and the strength and stiffness of such wires are comparable to those of stainless steel wires. A furnace with graded temperatures can be used to create the Cu-Al-Mn-based core wire for a Guidewires with functionally graded features. Compared to nitinol and stainless steel, the Cu-Al-Mn-based guidewire has superior pushability, torquability, and steerability.

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