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A legal contract is required to make sure that the intended parents and the mother are protected in this arrangement. It is a partnership between the hopeful parents and surrogate. The intended parents who initiated the legal arrangement are going to be the child’s family after birth. Infertile parents seek surrogacy arrangements. Most of the time, the reason for this reproductive problem is infertility. Surrogacy is used by people that do not have the ability to possess their offspring. It is a process that will be delightful for all the parties that were involved as long as the agreed terms are achieved.

Surrogacy gives the intended parents the chance to build their family and raise a toddler of their own from birth. It also provides hopeful parents to have control and peace of mind throughout the process than they will usually have when undergoing fertility treatments or adoptions.

Infertility Among Couples

Infertility refers to the lack of ability in becoming pregnant after an extended period of trying to form one. Women who are ready to get pregnant but always suffer from a miscarriage can also have infertility issues. Women aren't the sole ones that suffer from infertility problems. Men can also face certain infertility issues that can lead to difficulty in conceiving a child.

Causes of Infertility in Men

Infertility can also cause issues for men. Here are several causes leading to men’s infertility: Varicoceles is mostly the common cause for low production of sperm and decreases sperm quality. This condition is about the veins enlargement in the loose bag of skin which holds the scrotum

There also are other times where a person is born with problems that affect the sperm. Sometimes, problems start once they grow old caused by an injury or illness. An example of this is often CF which is related to the absence of sperm canal. This sort of problem is usually the cause of infertility in men.

There are many reasons which will help increase the risk of men’s infertility. These include:

  • Age

  • Heavy alcohol use

  • Medicines

  • Drugs

  • Smoking cigarettes

Causes of Infertility in Women

Most of the surrogacy information that's available for the general public states that many of the cases of female infertility are usually caused by issues with their ovulation. If a lady doesn't have any ovulation, there'll be no eggs to fertilize. The absence of menstrual periods or having an irregular menstrual schedule are a number of the symptoms that a lady isn't ovulating normally. 

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the causes of ovulation problems in women. This is a syndrome of hormonal imbalance that interferes with a woman’s natural ovulation. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is additionally one of the most main causes of female infertility. Another reason for ovulation problems is that primary ovarian insufficiency (POI). POI usually happens when the ovaries of a woman stopped working before she reached the age of 40. Early menopause isn't equivalent to the issues related to Ovarian Insufficiency or POI.

Other less common infertility issues for women include:

  • Pelvic disease or endometriosis, surgery for extrauterine pregnancy, that leads to having a blockage inside the fallopian tubes.

  • The uterus experiencing medical problems.

  • Non-cancerous clumps of tissue are referred to as the uterine fibroids that are found on the uterus.

  • There also are other reasons which will increase the risk of a woman's infertility. These include:

  • Age

  • Sexually transmitted infections like HIV

  • Poor diet

  • Smoking

  • Excess alcohol use

  • Stress

  • Hormonal changes like polycystic ovarian syndrome also because the primary ovarian insufficiency

Parents that are interested in surrogacy must know various surrogacy information before trying to find a surrogate agency. Knowing all this will assure the validity of the procedure. The surrogate mothers must also do their research to fully take the advantages that she deserves for participating in the procedure.

For people who are planning to grow their own families but do not want to adopt, it's advised to research and determine the most reliable surrogacy information. Surrogacy is an agreement, by the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother. Surrogacy arrangements are usually backed by a legal contract, where a woman agrees to bear a child for strangers.


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