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Oh, to have the perfect baby skin that all Instagram stars and influencers have! Well, getting that glow is a lot easier than you might think. You just need to take good care of your skin and use a tried-and-true CBD Skin Care Products line with anti-swelling and skin-brightening properties.

People who just recently learned about the benefits of CBD for the skin swear by them. CBD skincare products are good because they are natural, don't have any bad ingredients, and are easy on the skin.

Do you want to know more? 

Here is everything you need to know to get skin that shines.

  • List of What's Inside
  • What is CBD, and why does it help the skin so much?
  • What CBD Does for the Skin
  • How Should I Use My CBD Skincare?
  • What other products with CBD might be good for your skin?
  • Why Pick Dr. K?


Dr. K makes sure that the CBD is of the highest quality. Here's how we do it.

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  • What is it? What sets CBD apart from hemp and marijuana
  • What is CBD, and why does it help the skin so much?

cbd skincare

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a chemical that comes from hemp and cannabis plants. Most of the time, it comes from hemp when it is used in industrial manufacturing. CBD has recently been added to a lot of health and beauty products, but not all beauty products are made the same (more on that later).

Find out more about how to take CBD.

Because CBD can ease pain and is full of antioxidants, it is great for treating dry skin, inflammation, and damage from free radicals.

When the body is under some kind of stress, it makes a lot of free radicals. By making oxidative stress, these free radicals can attack the skin and do damage. Inflamed skin can also be caused by damage from the sun or by not getting the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. Antioxidant-rich products can help slow down, ease, and even reverse these conditions, so it's important to include them in your skincare routine.

Acne can also be caused by the oil that your skin makes, which is called sebum. CBD has been shown to cut down on the production of sebum. In some recent studies, it has also been shown to help the skin's natural defences against psoriasis and eczema. Two wins!

What CBD Does for the Skin

CBD skincare can help your skin in many different ways, from head to toe. Over the years, medical studies have shown that CBD definitely has benefits for skin care. Here are some of the benefits you can get from using CBD products to take care of your skin. Since the list is long, we've only included the ones we're most often asked about:

CBD and Skin That Breaks Out

The best way to take care of skin that is prone to acne is to keep it healthy and keep it from getting hurt. When your skin is irritated or you make too much sebum, the pores on your skin get clogged. This is what causes those awful pimples.

Most of the time, harsh, chemical-filled skin care products make things worse, and you have to try more products to fix the problems they cause. The first piece of advice we can give you is to only use organic, chemical-free products.

CBD skincare products are known for their ability to control excess sebum and gently balance the skin's natural oil, so ditch your bag of harmful chemicals and give them a try right now.

· CBD, Wrinkles & Aging Skin

CBD skin care products can be very helpful here. Antioxidants have been shown to slow down ageing, which is caused by oxidative stress and reactive oxygen species and shows up as wrinkles and lines on your forehead, near your mouth, and around your eyes (ROS).

When used regularly, CBD's natural antioxidant properties could help reduce this stress, limiting the damage caused by UV rays and general wear and tear on your skin over the years.

· CBD & Sensitive Skin

Some of us don't have great skin because of how we were born. Many things that touch our skin, like lotions, deodorants, creams, and even washing powders, can irritate it or cause other skin problems.

People with sensitive skin are also more likely to get sunburned, and the areas that are burned often look patchy, blotchy, and red. Even with organic products that have chemicals added to them, this kind of skin can easily get hurt.

If you have easily irritated skin and can't use most popular skin care products, CBD's natural calming properties are perfect for keeping your skin healthy and avoiding any sensitivity problems.

Does CBD help skin?

How Should I Use My CBD Skincare?

CBD skincare is easy to use, just like most other products on the market. 

But you should follow these rules when you use CBD beauty products on your skin:

  1. Always use products that have been tested by a third party to make sure they have good ingredients and the right amount of potency.
  2. Do a patch test on your forearm before you use any product. Rub a small amount of the product into your skin and wait an hour to see how your skin reacts.
  3. Don't put CBD or any other beauty product on open wounds or skin that's very red unless it was made for that purpose.
  4. Always use a mild cleanser or soap to clean your skin before putting on a beauty product. It is important to put the product on clean skin.

These rules don't just apply to CBD; they're great for making sure you get the best skin care possible in general. And when it comes to specific CBD beauty products, we have some other important information that will keep you feeling hydrated, smooth, and safe all day long.

· CBD Moisturiser

It is a must to moisturise. Not just for people with dry skin, but also for those with oily skin and everyone else. After gently cleaning your skin, you should moisturise it at least twice a day.

It is always best to use CBD Moisturiser that both keep your skin hydrated and contain ingredients that keep your skin from making too much oil. Shea butter and aloe vera are two other soothing ingredients that are great for skin care.

Apply in an upward motion to skin that is a little bit damp and don't rub too hard. The trick is to be gentle. Find the right CBD Moisturiser for your skin here.

· CBD Clay Mask

Clay masks are an optional step between CBD Moisturiser and washing your face that can soak up any extra oil that is bothering your skin. As we've already talked about, this oil can clog pores and cause pimples, so this is a great way to keep your face looking its best.

If you can, use a clay mask twice a week to help prevent and treat breakouts. Clay masks absorb oil and get rid of hard-to-remove dirt. Leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently wash it off. For the best all-natural results, use a CBD Moisturiser after washing. Find an effective CBD clay mask to use once a week here.

· Multi-balm

Do you have a lot on your plate with work, socialising, and staying fit? This can cause daily muscle pain and aches all over the body. A balm that can make you feel better and keep your skin moist at the same time can be very helpful. Multi-balms are very popular right now because you can use them on any part of your body to keep your skin soft and hydrated and to help your body feel better without using drugs.

Just put a thin layer on the wounds twice or three times a day, and you'll be ready for anything. Find out about a CBD multi-balm that helps the body here.

cbd balms · Lip Balm

Whether you have a cold or a seasonal ache, chapped lips can last a long time if you don't treat them right. CBD lip balm not only keeps your lips moist, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help with pain and swelling right away. It also helps protect your lips from further weather damage.

Apply CBD lip balm as often as you need to get perfect lips that don't hurt. You can get it here.

Hand Lotion

People often forget about their hands when it comes to beauty routines. You wear them all day, every day, putting them through UV rays, damage from the weather, and general wear and tear.

CBD hand cream is easy to use and can protect your hands from morning to night because it is gentle and good for your skin. Find your CBD hand cream that heals and makes you feel better here.

CBD Skin Care Products

What other products with CBD might be good for your skin?

Other natural and CBD skin care products that can help your skin be better and healthier are:

Collagen can be taken as a supplement, and it is good for the health of your nails, skin, and hair.

CBD muscle balm with cooling methanol can relax tight muscles and ease tension.

CBD capsules with vitamin C are a great way to get more antioxidants, which can help your skin look better and help it fight off irritants and free radicals.

Why Pick Dr. K?

If you want the best CBD Skin Care Products, you should start with Dr. K's line of CBD beauty products. We use natural ingredients and active extracts along with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD to give your skin the TLC it needs.

All of our products have high levels of CBD and no THC that can be found.

We are honest about our ingredients and make formulas based on science.

Our skilled CBD extraction meets the highest standards in the business.

Third-party labs test each of our products to make sure they are safe.



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