Celebrities and their transformation post plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has been a game changer for majority of actresses as it has helped them to change their appearances in a certain way. Cosmetic surgery has changed the way actors and actresses look by making visible changes in their appearance. One of the most famous cosmetic surgeries is Samantha Ruthprabhu plastic surgery which made major changes in her looks. It is believed that she went under the surgery twice. The nose job done in the first surgery made a significant change in the face and the actress became more beautiful than ever.  Read more at The Indian Talks Blog website.

Who is the Richest Footballer in India? 

Football has gained tremendous popularity amongst the youth and is also one of the most money making sport in India. Like Cricket, footballers are also being paid in huge amounts and one cannot deny that considering the quality life its players are living. Sunil Chetri, also known as Captain Fantastic is a 36 year old Indian footballer who holds a rank of 78 in FIFA and has a net worth of 4.1 crore per year. He is the richest footballer in India. The major income is from daily matches and is paid 8-10 lacs per match. 

What MS dhoni sacrificed his love for Deepikapadukone? 

One of the most talent actresses of bollywood, DeepikaPadukone and the star cricketer MS Dhoni were rumored to date for a long time. The couple walked the ramp together for a famous brand in 2007 and this relationship was well known to the industry. Dhoni fell in love with DeepikaPadukone on the very first time he saw her in 2007 and he was quite open about it. However this relationship ended when Deepikapadukonebecame close to his friend Yuvrajsingh and was often seen cheering, partying and spending time with him.  How everything between Deepika and Dhoni relationship ended, read the full article at The Indian Talks Blog website.

Prabhas Rolls Royce: Finally bought his dream car!!

Bahubali actor, Prabhas definitely made his performance in the movie extremely satisfying and worth watching. The actor has been receiving praises since the release of the movie and has become an internet sensation in. The audience has loved him and the way he has taken up his character in the movie.  It definitely looks like that the movie has paid him enough to actually buy a Rolls Royce which is worth 8 crore and one of the biggest dreams of many.  Visit The Indian Talks Blog website and know how Prabhas Rolls Royce dream came true? 

Become Microsoft Azure DP 200 certified today!!

Becoming technically skilled has always kept one person ahead of the time and working as a azure data engineer can give you one chance to. Azure data engineers help in designing and implementing the monitoring, management and security of data and provide required solution to different clients and stakeholders.  And the best part is you can study and learn the basics with the help of different courses available. f you want to become an Azure data engineer, start preparing for the Azure DP 200 exam and ensure a brighter future.  To know how, visit The Indian Talks Blog website. 


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