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Cerakote Guns: 101 From Uses To Benefits & Coating Guide

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Cerakoting or cerakote guns is a customized coating made of a polymer-ceramic mixture that applies to wood, polymers, metals, and plastics. The ceramic coating provides and improves the physical components of a firearm, such as:

– Reducing wear and tear over time

– Increasing strength and durability

– Offering chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance

This gun coating is a combination of sealer and finishing. It is ideal for increasing lifespan of your handgun. Guns were shielded from the weather until a couple of decades ago with stainless and blued steel. Although these materials are durable, yet they are not waterproof and need to be covered with a coating of water-repellant oil to keep the moisture out and prevent rust and corrosion.

When dropped, the ceramic composite creates a sturdy, hard finish that can endure blows, scratches, and dings. To give aftermarket rifles a good appearance and increased durability, your gunsmith should add Cerakote.

Cerakote is a fantastic choice since it can protect a handgun from water damage and is available in various finishes to give anything from a striking to a subtle appearance.

What Does Cerakote Do?

Guns with Cerakote finishes have unique benefits over those with conventional coatings. Most importantly, due to its high lubricity, the substance acts as a lubricant once the finish has been applied. Many customers have discovered that they need to use much less oil after coating their guns.

Cerakote pulls significantly less debris than conventional lubricants, keeping the gun cleaner and enhancing performance.

Additionally, compared to bluing, cerakote is a more effective barrier against corrosion and oxidation. This is also beneficial for firearms carried in extremely hot and dusty situations, such as the desert or in marine environments (do you live near the coast?), where there may be a lot of sweat exposure. It might also appear cool.

There are many various finishes available, though you can get a black coating that does not appear very different from black steel or polymer, to begin with. Into the Dark Flat Earth? They succeeded.

Before you learn how to ceratoke guns, look at some unique advantages of it.

Advantages of Using Ceratoke Guns

Coming to coatings for firearms, then, Cerakote has its own category. Many people who use firearms have found they can use much less gun oil thanks to Cerakote, which works as a lubricant. Additionally, customers claim that it draws fewer undesirable elements like dirt, dust, and other particles than conventional lubricants, keeping it cleaner and performing at its best.

Cerakote keeps your rifle dry, even if you constantly sweat in the summer or live near the ocean.


has the advantage of coming in various colors and designs, so say goodbye to basic black and military green! Now you may customize your rifle to fit your preferred camo pattern or the stylish interior of your car. Choose between Prison Pink and Zombie Green instead.

Just like any vehicle needs care and maintenance for a long time, the guns also need services like ceratoke coating and laser engraving. Have a look at the basic types of gun services below;

Types of Gun Services

Learn about the following services if you want to modify, fix, or get your gun serviced:

Ceratoke Gun Service

Cerakote is a form of coating used on metals, plastics, wood, and polymers in addition to weapons. Guns benefit from this special ceramic coating because it improves the physical elements of a gun. It enhances wear and tear, for instance.

Cerakote is the best option if you want to customize your rifle. Its incredibly thin covering protects the firearm's surface from harm. With just a wipe-down, the potent substance simplifies cleaning and maintaining firearms.

Cerakote is additionally water-resistant, extending the lifespan and functionality of the weapon. In Obion County, you can get many cerakote designs and color options for your firearms.

Gun Laser Engraving

Laser engraving vaporizes materials to create fumes that incise sharp, durable lines on an object. The laser beam removes layers and lines from the object's surface, chiseling it. The laser blasts the target areas with enormous energy throughout the process to generate the high temperature necessary for vaporization.

The service providers employ gun laser engraving equipment to comply with legal and technical standards such as clip tracking marks, serialization, heart coat marking, and traceability QR codes. To further personalize the pistol, you can also have a more elaborate engraving, such as artwork, messages, logos, names, or pictures.

Keep scrolling down to learn how to cerakote gun.

How To Cerakote Guns?

There are two ways to ceratoke guns:

– Hire experts to complete it for you. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks. 

– Doing it yourself is less expensive and quicker, and hiring professionals increases the likelihood that the coating will be of professional standard.

For the coating to adhere to the gun's frame, Cerakote requires complete disassembly of the weapon. This is not mean that you lack the skills to complete it yourself.

Professionals are more likely to remember a detail here or a nook or cranny there since they do it frequently. In the end, these things do occur. There might be one in your neighborhood since Cerakote also maintains a list of officially affiliated shops that perform the work.

However, there are two Cerakote formulas: oven-cured and air-cured, should you choose to complete the task yourself. The latter cures in the air, whereas the former needs to be baked in an oven. But the air-cure formulations, like Cerakote C, are made for high-temperature components and uses, such as barrels.

The frame, the slide, and other items are better suited to the oven-cure formulae (such as Cerakote H). It is strongly advised NOT to use your kitchen oven if you apply the finish yourself. You do not want fumes near your food because they can linger. The ideal scenario would be to purchase an inexpensive old oven, install it in your garage or business, and use it for baking the coating.

What kind of Cerakote guns are easily available?

What Are Some Cerakote Guns I Can Get In A Gun Store?

Instead of worrying about applying the finish yourself or hiring someone, why not buy it from the factory? Purchasing a firearm solely based on the finish is indeed absurd and unwise. Certain weapons are available with Cerakote finishes from the factory if that is a feature you would be interested in.

Whether it's worthwhile or not, some folks have said they are quite satisfied, while others have said the opposite. It depends on how well the application is made and how carefully the user uses it.

The Madcow Defenses provide laser engraving, cerakote, and gunsmithing services in Obion County, Tennessee, US. You can modify your firearms and create your weapon. Additionally, we provide customized Glock slides and building kits. Contact us right now for further details.


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