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The Minnesota Department of Human Services is developing a new self-directed home care program. It is intended to replace the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) program and the Consumer Support Grant (CSG). The goal of the CFSS program is to help individuals develop person-centered care plans. This will allow them to purchase goods, services, and equipment to support their independence.


CFSS will be similar to PCA, but it will offer a few improvements. For instance, it will provide participants with a backup system and funding for technology. In addition, it will offer a higher level of flexibility. Participants will have the opportunity to hire, pay for, supervise and train their own support workers. They will also be able to buy goods, such as clothing and home modifications, to meet their own personal needs.


In the past, CFSS has been offered through an agency model. These agencies would recruit and supervise their support workers. However, the new system will offer a budget delivery model. Rather than being employed by an agency, a participant will select a financial management service provider. A participant will then write a service delivery plan and manage their own support worker.


The new system will also be based on the current home care rating scale. This will give participants a more accurate idea of what their monthly service amounts should be. While there is no exact date for the CFSS program to go live, the DHS hopes to transition people smoothly into the new system.


There are several factors to consider when determining whether the CFSS is the right fit for your needs. First, you need to be aware of the differences between the CFSS and the PCA.


The main difference is the amount of federal funding for PCA recipients. CFSS will bring in more federal funding at the lowest level so that the program will be available to more individuals. But there will still be a limited number of service providers.



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