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Challenges That May Delay Your Modular Deck Installation Project

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A modular decking installation project can be delayed by a lot of things. Whilst it would be nice to think that the construction of your dream deck will be easy, that is not always the case. There are a lot of things that go into building a deck and a lot of homeowners run into unexpected obstacles that end up delaying their project. Instead of tackling the issues as they happen, it is important to be prepared by knowing that the challenges can arise so you can tackle them with ease and build your dream deck.

Your deck does not fit your budget

You may have seen a deck on television or in a movie that inspired you. You have researched online and found out the price of installing a similar deck. Unfortunately, online quotations do not reflect the real cost on the ground. It is important to remember that people quote depending on the prices of materials, tools and labour costs in their area and not your area. So, when you get to the actual project, you end up being disappointed that the project does not fit into your budget.

Maybe the person who did the quotation based their pricing on what materials cost in their area but the same materials are more expensive in your area. This is a great disappointment and you will have to start planning a fresh for your project. If you want your modular decking installation project to be successful, you should create a quotation based on the actual prices of materials and labour on the ground.

You did not discuss your plans with a professional

Whether you are planning to build your deck yourself or you are working with a contractor, it is important to discuss your vision with a professional deck builder before you begin. A lot of homeowners try to save money by building their deck themselves. However, if they do not know where to get the most experienced and professional help, they will end up building a substandard deck. At the same time, it is important to be prepared in case the professional deck builder suggests swapping out one of your decking materials.

Professional contractors might do this because they have materials that they favour over others or because the dealer they work with only stocks a limited number of materials each time. Do not budge on what you want if you are sure it works for your budget and home.

Lastly, it is important to contact the contractor you want to work with, in advance. You should consider whether delays, holidays and more when thinking about your deadline.

It is not code-compliant

Another thing that can delay your modular decking installation project is when your project is not code-compliant. Professional deck builders know that there are a lot of ways to build a deck with only a few ways so that it is compliant with the codes. You should avoid delays by checking with your homeowner’s association, city and anyone else who may want to improve your plans before building a deck to ensure everything is up to the codes.


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