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Change from D to C 2021 BMW 3 Series or change engine

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Someone posted that the 2021 modified BMW 320/325 model or the current B48B20D engine will be replaced with a B48B20C engine, although only the ending letter D is changed to C, and the engine power/torque output has not changed, but some may not be noticed Consumers still need to pay attention to the changes, let’s look at it below.

It is understood that the main difference between B48B20 suffixes A, B, C, and D lies in the production plant. At the same time, B/D is the high-power engine hardware assembly, and A/C is the low-power engine hardware assembly. The 2021 facelift that will be launched this time has replaced the current B48B20D engine with the B48B20C engine. The overall data has not changed. The maximum power is 184 horsepower and the torque has not been adjusted.(Read more here: harga mobil brio)

A related user exposed a set of comparative videos, which stated that in addition to the replacement of the above-mentioned engine hardware assembly, the 2021 modified BMW 3 Series also cancelled the low-temperature cooling kettle, the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head, and the quality of the vehicle Has been reduced (20kg). Of course, this also allows the vehicle to get lower fuel consumption performance, from the cash 7.9L/100km to 7.5L/100km.

But for some modification enthusiasts, it is really bad news. Due to the replacement of the engine hardware assembly, it is impossible to brush the 156 horsepower and 184 horsepower low-power engines into a 258-horsepower high-power engine (due to the difference in the engine hardware assembly , Strong brushing is risky), but the official move is to protect the stability and safety of the vehicle in disguise. After all, vehicles with different high/low power have corresponding differences in the preliminary adjustments, and there is a certain risk in blindly brushing the program.

It is worth mentioning that if the 2021 modified BMW 3 Series is really as mentioned above, then it uses the North American TU low-power solution. Combined with the previous public information, the North American TU low-power solution is mainly the change of the cylinder head. Two completely different designs will be carried out for different engine power versions. The low-power version pays more attention to environmental protection and economy, while the medium-to-high power version puts higher requirements on heat dissipation. The two different cylinder head structures directly lead to a problem. If you want a low-power engine to achieve the performance of a high-power version only by upgrading and adjusting the ECU, the cylinder head is different, and the heat dissipation structure is different.

In addition, unlike the B48 series, the B48TU series uses more aluminum screws to fix the entire crankcase, engine accessories and other places to optimize the lightweight level of the entire engine. Correspondingly, it is stated in the maintenance manual that this aluminum screw is a “disposable” part, which means that after each disassembly of these related parts for maintenance, a new aluminum screw must be replaced and in accordance with the specifications Fastening is required, and old screws cannot be reused.

Currently, the 2021 3 Series has not yet been launched. We are still waiting for further confirmation on some details, and we are also waiting for official instructions. Users who have plans to purchase in the future can pay attention to our subsequent reports.


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