Changes In Food Habits You Should Be Making Now For Your Health

Let's get real; health is wealth! We all have heard this saying multiple times. But do we really adhere to it? I doubt! The human body is made up of the food it consumes. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, you need to follow certain healthy food habits. Here are the top 5 healthy food habits that should be making now for your health. 

  1. Healthy Oil – We all love fried food right. There is nothing wrong with it, provided it is made in canola oil. This oil is healthy, keeps your cholesterol levels in control, and also protects the heart. Moreover, it does not have any trans fat content in it. Make sure you trust a reputed brand of canola oil for yourself and your loved ones. 
  2. Breakfast is Fuel for the day – If you are habitual of skipping breakfast, you should leave this habit right now. Health experts say that breakfast is the fule for the day. Skipping it can make you go weak and vulnerable to diseases. Any person who eats heavy breakfast every morning tends to experience high energy levels, satiety, and productivity throughout the day. 
  3. Water is Life – A human body is made of 60% water. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your body and internal organs hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will keep you full and will also help you in losing weight. Lack of water in the body can lead to issues like muscle pain, dehydration, and stomachache. So make sure you drink ample water from today.
  4. Eat Whole Grains – Whole grains are filled with fibre and other healthy nutrients. Any person who wishes to lead a healthy life should replace its processed grains with whole grains. Before purchasing any food item, make sure it contains whole grains rather than processed ones.
  5. Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is a power food. It eliminates toxins, helps with digestion, boosts metabolism, gives you energy, and control cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you are not able to consume fresh wheatgrass juice, you can also take wheatgrass supplements. Connect with a health expert to know the best wheatgrass capsules brand for you. You can even try its juice for amazing results.

These were some useful, healthy food habits that you should adopt right away. Remember, you have t nurture your body to keep it healthy and fit lifelong. You should remain consistent in your eating habits and replace all the junk food with healthy food items. 


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Written by Jivo Wellness

Jivo Wellness was formed in September 2010 by establishing its first State of Art rotary EOP plant in Kundli, Haryana. The plant was inaugurated by Mr. Gerry.Ritz (Agriculture minister of Canada) with an idea to serve humanity & to change the country’s nutritional attributes by introducing canola oil as a mother nature’s gift to mankind in India. Presently Jivo is leading canola cooking oil brands in the category and also the largest importer & seller of canola oil at present.


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