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Coal-based activated carbon products have developed pore structure, good chemical stability and mechanical strength, and are an excellent broad-spectrum carbonaceous adsorption material. coal based activated carbon manufacturer According to the different appearance, coal-based activated carbon can be divided into coal-based granular activated carbon and coal-based powdered activated carbon, and granular activated carbon is divided into coal-based formed carbon (including columnar carbon, briquette carbon (or compressed carbon) ) And spherical carbon and raw coal crushed activated carbon.

According to different uses, activated carbon can be divided into multiple uses such as water purification, air purification, decolorization, solvent recovery, injection, and protection. Because of its acid resistance, alkali resistance, and heat resistance, and the granular activated carbon can be easily regenerated after the adsorption is saturated, the activated carbon is an indispensable carbonaceous adsorption material in modern industrial production and environmental protection.

Coal-based granular activated carbon has high strength, developed pores, large specific surface area, especially large pore volume, which has unique advantages. Coal-based activated carbon has strong adsorption capacity for organic matter, free chlorine and harmful gases in the air. It is an excellent adsorbent for the deep purification of urban drinking water and is used inwww.chinactivecarbon.com


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