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What does it mean to be a good writer? In some ways, the term is subjective. What one person considers to be excellent writing, another may deem as a pedestrian. However, there are some general characteristics that most good writers share. Below are four of the most important ones.
Good writers have a clear purpose for writing.
Good writers use strong verbs and precise nouns.
Good writers know how to develop their ideas.
Good writers revise and edit their work.

Patient and open minded

A good writer is patient and open-minded. While writing, they should stay clear-minded and have the patience to finish a manuscript. This helps them create more compelling work. A great writer must be a reader first and foremost. Read widely and enrich your vocabulary. This will help you create a better story. Once you have your audience hooked, they'll continue to buy your books. A great writer will be a loyal fan of books.

The writer must be observant

A good writer is observant and pays attention to detail. They are meticulous about the details, even the smallest grammatical error. They are also very good editors, and they can spot mistakes immediately. They also use a variety of words and don't repeat themselves. They use the right words to convey their thoughts and ideas. A good writer is also neutral in their views. They are open to new ideas and don't mind trying something different.

Some major characteristics are described below

The writer must be attentive

A good writer should be attentive to detail. He or she will be able to detect even the smallest grammatical error or descriptive mistake. A good writer is also flexible. An open mind will allow a new idea to come in. i.e. the topics that are in trend and the audience love to read about the topics like technology essay topics, cricket, football, politics and etc. A writer should be open to new ideas, even if it means changing a few details.  While this may hurt one's ego, it will enhance the quality of a manuscript and increase its sales.

The writer must be disciplined

A good writer must be disciplined and dedicated. They should be able to focus and concentrate on writing without feeling distracted. If a writer starts writing about how to write a literary analysis essay then must follow the rules and its structure. The best writers do not waste time in the middle of a task. They must also be dedicated to their craft. They must never give up, no matter how difficult it is. It is essential for writers to be disciplined and have a strong focus on their work. By following these steps, a writer can achieve success in his writing.


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