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Characteristics of criminal investigation proceedings

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The criminal investigation is a process optimized by investigative agencies to find out the
evidence and facts of the cases, criminal investigation proceedings are the modern way of
dealing or inquiring criminal cases, although the investigation was always an essential part
of the criminal justice system and the kingdoms and rulers of the ancient world had
optimized various ways of the criminal investigation but the present way of the investigation
system is well optimized and new in its ways.
The criminal laws and criminal investigation proceedings in the Australian legal system are
different in different states, the laws of crime in the Australian legal system are different in
each state the power of law framing lies in state legislature thus the criminal laws of states
are different from each other and the investigating proceedings are also different from one
Various characteristics of criminal investigation procedures are essential and here are
characteristics of it.
1. Investigating officer- The officer who is in charge of the inquiry of the case is called
the investigating officer of the case, the investigating officer must find out all the
relevant information of the case without any ill will so that justice could be delivered
to the victim, well following are few essentials required in investigating officer.
a. Critical understanding- The person who is leading the case in the position of the
investigating officer should have the critical thinking to understand the
circumstances of the case so that the case could be solved efficiently.
b. Ethical approach- Ethics is one of the important codes of conduct which is
required in any investigator for his unbiased investigation.
c. Collaborative- As we know that the officer in charge of the criminal investigation
is required to proceed with the team so he needs to be collaborative so that the
investigating team could investigate the matter to its full potential.
2. An investigating team- The team for investigating the criminal act is one of the
essential components of the criminal investigation, it is not possible to investigate a
criminal case without the proper cooperative team, the investigating team helps
each other to enhance the investigation, well, investigation is such a critical topic
that students take law assignment help in the subject of a criminal investigation
through online modes.
3. The investigator should be free from pressure or influence- One of the essential
characteristics of the investigative system is that the investigators should be free
from any pressure or influence, because if the investigator will investigate the matter
under pressure or influence, then, in such case the purpose of the investigation will
be compromised and thus the process of justice delivery will not be accomplished.
4. Availability of forensic support- Forensic science is one of the essential
characteristics of criminal investigation proceedings, modern investigation highly

depends on forensic science for the proceedings of the criminal investigation thus in
lack of forensic support investigative agencies can't proceed with proper
investigation and the forensic in criminology is one of the hard subjects thus for
researching in these subject student take criminal law assignment help through
online available sources and this criminology helps the investigative process to act


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