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Produced by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball is one of the most popular Japanese anime TV series. This series is a visual version of the manga of the same name created by Akira Toriyama, consisting of 194 chapters published between 1984 and 1995. The anime is based on 153 episodes, and February 1986 to April 1989 was the era when these episodes were broadcast on Fuji TV in 81 countries worldwide. The significant popularity of the series has also inspired its fans; thus, they desire to look like them, leading to the emergence of Dragon Ball merch, including costumes, wallets, etc.

In this blog, we will talk about the characters of Dragon Ball Super, an upcoming SuperHero manga film, as they have really excited its lovers. Viz Media is responsible for this anime in North America and Europe, showing the film characters most loved by lovers of the series.

The most famous characters of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super

Here, we will briefly talk about the most famous characters of Dragon Ball Super. Viz Media is the publisher and thus responsible for publishing the series in North America and Europe. Recently, their official website has published a ranking of the 25 most popular characters. Here, we will look at those characters and tell you who is the most beloved warrior by fans of the latest canonical series.

You can frequently find the different popularity polls in the anime world. You may find magazines responsible for the manga or the publishers in charge of licensing the TV series. Typically, these entities carry out polls. The most famous works are periodically subjected to this type of survey that helps determine the degree of popularity and interest that these iconic figures develop in their fans.

Goku (2nd rank) and Gohan (3rd rank) conclude the podium. These two characters have a prominent role in Dragon Ball Super. 

Goku Black is in the 4th position, and the presence of this characteristic may be the wisest and most rooted thing in the Super universe. 

The 5th, 6th and 7th positions of Future Trunks, Beerus, and Whis, respectively, have also won the followers’ hearts, as more and more fans are following them by wearing their costumes. The rest of the most voted characters in this Top-10 of popularity are Android #17, Freeza, and Kuririn.

Look at the following positions:

  1. Vegeta
  2. Goku
  3. Gohan
  4. Goku Black
  5. Future Trunks
  6. Beerus
  7. Whis
  8. Android #17
  9. Freeza
  10. Kuririn

You can also look at the rest of the most voted characters of Dragon Ball Super:

  1. Granola
  2. Moro
  3. Andriod #18
  4. Zamas
  5. Who-Who
  6. Cabbe
  7. Finding
  8. Oracle Fish
  9. Jaco
  10. Future Mai

Dragon Ball Super: new movie for 2022

Dragon Ball Super is expected to release in 2022 with the title of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. As the father of the work, Akira Toriyama announced this officially in 2021 and affirmed his contribution to the development. He is leading the story and in charge of the production, but he did not advance anything about the story. The new movie will be framed under the Super label and it will be released soon.

Looking for Dragon Ball official merchandise?

Anime Merchandise Online can fulfill your wish. If you are really a big fan of the manga series and want to impress others by wearing unique costumes of these characteristics, we offer you Dragon Ball merch, such as shirts and wallets. Besides, if you want to have other anime merchandise, we are here to serve you. We recommend you watch this upcoming series, and of course, if you are a manga fan, you will definitely watch and enjoy the new Dragon Ball Super.


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