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ChatGPT, a chat robot program developed by OpenAI in the United States, was released on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence technology. It can conduct dialogue by learning and understanding human language, interact according to the context of chat, chat and communicate like humans, and even complete tasks such as writing email, video script, copy, translation, code, etc.

Recently, ChatGPT's global popularity has made it a phenomenal product. As a chat robot product that provides search-based services, it can only reply to text content. This product, with its excellent algorithm and content, revises the name of AI. Paul Buchheit, the father of Gmail, even said that ChatGPT would replace the current search engine, just as the original search engine replaced Yellow Pages.

However, ChatGPT has a huge computational cost behind it. Relevant data shows that the total computational power consumption of ChatGPT is about 3640PF-days (i.e., 10 billion calculations per second, running for 3640 full days). How to understand such computing power consumption can be simply analyzed – China is vigorously building new data centers in the near future. For the data center project with a total investment of 3.02 billion and a computing power of 500P, it needs at least 7-8 data centers of this magnitude to support the operation of ChatGPT. At the same time, the data center also revealed a problem in front of the huge increment, that is, the huge energy consumption of network equipment, which conflicts with the “low-carbon” vision.

How to reduce energy consumption? Through technology, we can derive the integration of Ethernet switch and optical module. The former optical module evolves into an optical engine, and then sticks to the same PCB backplane with the switch chip. Physical cooling and cooling are carried out through the liquid-cooled plate carried by the ethernet switch. At the same time, due to the high volume and integration of the optical engine, it will reflect the cost advantage and replace the high-computing scenario after the large-scale silicon optical packaging.

The popularity of ChatGPT in the world is pushing the industrialization of AI to speed up in an all-round way. In this context, major cloud manufacturers at home and abroad have launched their own AI dialogue system, and the arms race between technology giants has begun. At present, AI-related applications are mainly supported by the huge computing power and network resources of cloud manufacturers, and the demand is growing. It is expected to promote the continuous expansion and upgrading of related hardware infrastructure in the future. At present, optical modules, optical chips, optical devices, and ethernet switches are essential communication devices and components in the hardware infrastructure of cloud manufacturers. Their speed improvement and technology upgrading can significantly reduce power consumption, which is expected to alleviate the problem of high computing cost and power consumption, which hinders AI industrialization, and is expected to benefit in the future.

When people pay attention to the ChatGPT AI application level under the spotlight, Shenzhen Houshi Network always pays attention to the stability, security and timeliness of data exchange behind the spotlight… Shenzhen Houshi Network has been engaged in the research and development of industrial switches for many years, providing basic data protection for the security, stability and timeliness of big data and AI.

In recent years, with the in-depth application of data exchange, Shenzhen Houshi Network has first made efforts on the industrial switch, established in-depth cooperation with many research institutes and universities, accelerated the promotion of in-depth integration with universities, accelerated the training of professional talents of the company, and promoted the high-quality development of the company, so as to respond to and meet the arrival of artificial intelligence in advance.

Shenzhen Houshi Network is a company that can provide complete data communication products in the field of industrial automation communication. Its product line extends from Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet network equipment to network connectors, media converter etc. applied to different fieldbus systems. Its industrial switch products are widely used in various industries, showing a new role for network communication security, Contribute to the prosperity and development of AI security, and escort the construction of a community of shared future in cyberspace!


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