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It was announced in June that software firm Microsoft will release a new operating system called Windows 11. Exclusive early access to the latest generation of Microsoft’s operating system is accessible exclusively to those who have signed up for the Windows Insider program. According to the study, one percent of the total number of machines tested had Windows 11 already installed on it. Users, on the other hand, are impatient to check out the new edition, and the frenzy is apparent.

A survey conducted on 60 thousand PCs

According to a study on 60,000 PCs performed by cross-promotion network company AdDuplex, about one percent of users have already installed the insider version of Windows 11 on their computers. It was revealed in an article published by XDA developers that the business had gathered data on OS system version installation with the assistance of around 5,000 applications that included an SDK that had two or more versions of its AdDuplex.

Users are considering Insider Built Program

The information for the study was gathered on July 26, which implies that customers’ PCs had the Windows 11 insider build installed on them at the time of collection. Because Microsoft has not released an ISO installation file for Windows 11, the only official method for users to get pre-release versions of the operating system is to download and install updates as part of the Windows Insider program. Approximately 1.3 billion people are now using Windows 10, according to Microsoft.

Windows 10 is also getting frequent updates.

In addition to Windows 11 installation, the survey study indicates that Windows 10 users would get updates in the near future. According to the report, Windows 10 upgrades have increased in frequency, with new releases scheduled twice a year. According to a study published in April, the most widely used version of Windows 10 is version 2004 (released in May 2020). It was subsequently superseded by Windows 10 20H2 (which is already available) (October 2020).

How to download Windows 11

If you need the most recent Windows 11 upgrade, you may apply to become a member of the Windows Insider program. A trial version of Windows 11 will then be made available to you for download at that point. Microsoft is looking for people to help them test its early versions before the final version of Windows 11 is released to the general public.  The Windows Insider program, which is designed to allow users to test early versions of the Windows operating system.

Beware of the malware related to Windows 11

A large number of people are experimenting with alternate methods of downloading Windows 11 and depending on third-party programs to do it. According to recent reports, people who try to obtain Windows 11 installers from third-party sources and websites are falling victim to malware as a result. It is recommended to only download the latest version from Microsoft’s website; otherwise, you will have to wait until Microsoft releases a stable update in October.

Hardware requirements for the update

A list of system requirements for downloading Windows 11 has been provided by the firm. Your computer should be equipped with 64-bit CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and at least 64GB of storage space. Downloading Microsoft’s PC Health App will allow you to verify the system’s minimal requirements.

No need to worry as the stable update is coming in October, and now you know the requirements also for Windows 11. Just wait for a few more days if you don’t want to join the Insider Program, and Windows 11 will start functioning on your PC.

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