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 Check Your Circuit Breaker Panel For Problems 

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When a panel's circuit breakers trip, it is quite frustrating because it always seems to happen when it is least convenient. The design of circuit breakers ensures that they will trip if they are exposed to high electrical current. If there is too much electrical current flowing through it, a breaker panel will trip, cutting off the power. Your home's electrical system will be safeguarded by doing this. There are some simple measures by Electrician Mascot you may take to troubleshoot your breaker box's circuit breakers if they are malfunctioning. The first thing you should do if your home's power suddenly goes off is to examine if the breakers can be reset. 

Resetting Your Circuit Breaker: A Guide 

Locate your home's circuit breaker box. The circuit breaker box is often located near the furnace, water heater, or heating and cooling system and can be found in the utility room, basement, or garage in most homes. After you have unlocked the door to your breaker box, you should carefully listen to make sure that no weird noises, such as buzzing, are audible. You should contact a professional rather than proceeding with the repair on your own if you do hear a buzzing sound or any other strange sound. 

Look at the graphic on the inside of the panel door to determine which circuit in your home needs to be reset. Most of the time, it will be numbered on the switches and labeled in accordance with the layout of your property. 

Check each toggle switch individually. You will be able to tell which circuit has been tripped since the switch will be in the middle position and feel slightly “springy” when touched. 

Wait three seconds after flipping the switch to make it off before flipping it back on to make it on. 

If switching off the breakers in your circuit box does not resolve the problem, consider the following: 

Have I added any new home appliances to my property, such as hair dryers, portable space heaters, or microwaves? 

Do any of my old appliances need to be replaced because they are causing my electricity bill to spike? 

Have I plugged in too many gadgets or pieces of equipment on this particular circuit? For purposes of demonstration, a television, numerous lights, and a home entertainment system can all contribute to a circuit overload. 

Do I always remember to turn off the appliances when not in use? 

If you gave “no” answers to all of the questions that were asked above, you should speak with a licensed electrician right away since it's likely that you have additional problems going on that are causing your circuit breaker to trip. Several issues with short circuits or poor wiring, the necessity for an additional electrical circuit to supply all of your home's electrical requirements, or both, could have caused your circuit breaker to trip. 



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