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CHECKLIST Best Way To Promote YouTube Videos

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Making the switch from written travel blogging to video travel blogging is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting – for obvious reasons, because making videos is so much more enjoyable to me than sitting at a computer for hours typing.

But the most terrifying aspect is because launching a YouTube channel or simply posting videos on my own site is something I've never done before. And that effectively means starting from scratch.

How can I make my movies more visible?

How do I increase traffic?

What's the best way to attract subscribers?

Many people claim that starting a vacation YouTube channel in 2019 or 2020 will be incredibly difficult due to the high level of competition. However, if done correctly, it can be rewarding.

A YouTube video's first 24 hours

It appears that getting as much traffic and engagement to your best way to promote YouTube videos as possible in the first 24 hours is crucial. That algorithm determines whether your video is good or not, and whether it should be promoted to a larger audience.

When it comes to blogging and SEO, the situation is quite different. Google pays less attention to the first 24 hours than YouTube. As a result, alternative tactics for promoting travel articles and films are required.

So the idea here is to gain as many views, likes, comments, and new subscribers on a new video in the first 24 hours as possible!

But how do you do it?

The next step is for me to investigate all of the methods that other creators recommend for increasing the number of views on YouTube videos.

This is a list I'm developing for myself to utilise and test what works. But, of course, I'm sharing it with you as well, so you may obtain additional YouTube video growth ideas.

How to market your YouTube video while you're just getting started

Send your video to your email subscribers.

If you have an email list, that's fantastic! Every time you post a video, send it to your viewers.

If you don't have a list, send an email (or a Facebook message, WhatsApp message, or DM) to your family, friends, and acquaintances. When you're just starting off, anything is better than nothing!

Use Instagram or Facebook Live to promote your new video

It's common knowledge that live videos on Instagram and Facebook receive far more attention and engagement than stories and posts. So, as soon as you have a new video out, go live and tell your audience about it, pleading with them to watch it RIGHT NOW!

Add a YouTube travel video to your email signature to promote it

Do you send out a lot of emails on a daily basis? Or at the very least a few? If that's the case, include a P.S. after your email signature that says “Have you watched my latest YouTube video “Craziest Bangkok foodie experience at the Unicorn Cafe” and links to your current video. Change it once you've released a new video.

This is a terrific method to get folks interested in your new videos who are familiar with you in some manner and are likely to return for more.

Make hilarious memes or mind-blowing infographics and post them all over the internet.

Consider this: What type of content quickly goes viral?

What about articles? Nop!

What about video links? Nop!

Instagram photos? Nop


So start making some related to your new video and share them on your most popular social media network.

Twitter is an excellent tool for this. Instagram stories and posts are no exception. Use Facebook and Tik Tok to share it. Include a call to action to direct viewers to the original material – your video. And BOOM!

The idea is for them to be widely disseminated, which will naturally draw people's attention to you.

This is how Little Nas X got his song “Old Town Road” to go viral on the internet, after creating hundreds of memes about it with no funding and no help from music labels or anyone else. Look at how well that turned out!

Tweet about your video

Tweet a link to your video. You have two options: send a tweet with your thumbnail and a link to a YouTube video, or share it on Facebook. You might also share a promotional video.

Look for tweets about the topic you discussed in the video as well. Participate in conversations by responding to other people's tweets, sharing useful information, and announcing that you've created a video about it. People will check it out if you include a link to it.

However, do not simply reply to tweets with your link, as this is spammy and unpleasant, and no one will watch them. Help others, pique their curiosity in your knowledge, and then invite them to watch more of your video!

Submit your video to the Reddit community

This appears to be an excellent spot to start your content's viral potential. However, you'll need to conduct some research before posting because it's not easy.

It was difficult for me to submit my first video because I had no prior experience. A rapid share was not possible because all of the most prominent Reddit groups have rules in place, the majority of which state that you should not upload your blog or YouTube videos.

However, with enough investigation, you can find ways to put it there and get it seen by a large number of people.

Create a Facebook Messenger bot and send it out

Facebook Messenger marketing is a thing, and it works great when done correctly and without being spammy! This appears to be the simplest method of reaching your Facebook page's audience. As a result, it's a fantastic way to get the word out about your new video.

But, once again, I believe it's critical not to anger your viewers in this way. These folks will quit if it even appears to be spammy!

Request that all of the people and businesses in the video post it on social media

Identify everyone and every business featured in your video (are there any cafes, hotels, shops, airlines, or other businesses?). Ask them to share your video via Facebook or Instagram DMs.

They are usually eager to do so because it is a free promotion for them.

It should be shared in appropriate Facebook groups.

Find relevant Facebook groups to share your video in and post it there. Just make sure you do it in a way that is helpful to the group members and not spammy! Before you post, read the rules of each Facebook group, as many don't allow self-promotion or the publishing of your own blog posts or videos.

Encourage a buddy to post it to Facebook groups

While FB groups were mentioned in the preceding point, this is a little different. When other individuals in a relevant group promote your work, it performs even better than a “self-promo.” And you're frequently forbidden from posting about yourself, but others are!



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