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Checklist For Your Winter Cleaning

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When summer ends, people start getting ready for winter. Now is the time to do any home and yard maintenance that needs to be done before it gets colder and the holidays come around.

List of things to clean for the winter

Download this printable winter cleaning list to prepare your house and yard for the cold season.

Fill up the refrigerator and freezer.

Now is the time to buy canned and boxed foods to eat all winter. Since you never know when you'll be stuck at home, you shouldn't stock up on old pantry items. Take everything out of the pantry, donate, or throw away what you won't use. Please ensure the shelves are clean of dust and crumbs that could attract bugs before putting food back on them.

Bring out the coat and gloves because it's cold outside.

If you live where winter temperatures can drop a lot, you should wear your cold weather gear a long time before the temperature drops. Start putting away your summer clothes and sandals by giving everything a good wash and putting it back in your dresser and closet.

Sort your summer clothes into those you want to get rid of, those you want to give away, and those you want to keep for next summer. Put your summer clothes in airtight containers to keep them safe. If you are worried that moths will eat holes in your summer clothes, try this natural way to keep them away.

Put away summer bedding to get ready for winter.

Switch out your sheets for clean flannel ones, and add more blankets. All summer bedding and towels should be washed and put away until next spring in sealed containers.

Wash the Window

Cleaning windows isn't fun, but it's incredibly unpleasant to do in winter. Cleaning the windows is an important job that you shouldn't put off because you'll have to look at dirty glass all winter if you don't. You should clean and shine your windows, blinds, and screens from top to bottom.

Warmer and Fans to Get Ready

Changing the filters is a simple way to make the heater work better. Clean the blades of the ceiling fan. For the winter, the blades should be turned around. Ensure your fireplace is clean before you light your first fire. Some Tips on How to Clean Your Fireplace

Make sure the gutters and downspouts are in good shape.

If sticks, leaves, and other things get stuck in your gutters, they won't work. When fall comes around, it's time to prepare your gutters for winter thoroughly. Remember to check the downspouts' connections to ensure that any extra water is going away from your home.

Toys and furniture for the patio

You won't be able to relax in your favorite hammock or lounge chair while eating a delicious meal under the patio umbrella for much longer. At the end of the season, you should hose down the patio furniture and the kids' toys and let them dry in the fresh air. Store the furniture or cushions to keep them out of the sun. Put these things in airtight containers if you don't want rodents to chew through your cushions to find a nice place to nest.

  • Normal maintenance
  • Clean the machine.
  • Make sure the ceiling fan blades are always clean.
  • Remember to clean the floor when you're done.
  • Complete the checklist to make sure the furnace is ready to go.
  • Make sure your smoke and CO detectors are turned on to stay safe.

Make sure to clean the vents.

If there is dust on the floor, turning on the heater may help eliminate it. Taking off the covers is the best way to start cleaning your vents. You can wipe them down and wash them in warm water with dish soap. Dry the area quickly. Use a vacuum attachment to clean the vent of any still dust. After that, put the grilles back on.

If you don't want germs to spread around your house, you should clean surfaces many people touch often. Keeping your house clean is a great way to stop the spread of germs, which can be especially dangerous in the winter. Find out how to clean your home the right way.

  • Get the garage ready for winter.
  • Do a cleaning cycle on the washing machine.
  • Prepare for spring by making a list of the following things that will need to be done once the weather gets warmer again.

When you finish this list of things to do in the winter, you will feel warm, happy, and prosperous. If making a list of things to do is too much and makes you feel down, call us instead. In addition to our regular cleaning service, we, house cleaning services Newton MA, offer a tremendous seasonal cleaning service.


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