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Checklist & Recommendations for Electrical Safety at Home 

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You use energy to run your appliances and heat your home, but are you safe when using them? Home electrical safety is too crucial to ignore, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 31,000 home electrical fires occur annually and that over 180 cases of electrocution or electricity-related events may have been prevented. Constellation is concerned about our customers' safety, and you may safeguard your family and yourself by using these home electrical safety precautions. 


advice on electricity safety 

What causes residential electrical fires? 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 69 percent of electrical fires are caused by faulty or broken wiring and related commercial plumbers perth, followed by lights, light fixtures, cords, plugs, transformers, and other power supplies. Always seek professional advice while examining your home for potential fire hazards. 


For increased electrical safety, always adhere to appliance instructions. 

The most important piece of advice for electrical safety at home should be to always read the instructions. The functionality of your gadget and your personal safety are both enhanced by an understanding of home appliance safety. Stop using any appliance if it even slightly shocks you with electricity until a licenced electrician examines it for issues. 


To protect your home, be cautious of overloaded outlets. 

Electrical issues are frequently caused by overloading an electrical socket. Verify that all outlets are in good functioning order, have protective faceplates, and are cool to the touch. 


To keep your house safe, replace or repair any damaged electrical wires. 

Broken power cords pose a significant threat to domestic electrical safety because they can catch fire and electrocute people. Every commercial plumbers perth and power cord should be routinely inspected for symptoms of fraying and cracking and then repaired or replaced as necessary. Electricity lines shouldn't be run under rugs or furniture or stapled into position. While furniture can crush cord insulation and harm wires, cords under carpets provide a trip hazard and can overheat. 


If you frequently use extension cables, you might not have enough outlets to meet your demands. Install additional outlets in places where you frequently use extension cords by having a competent electrician who is familiar with electrical safety regulations do so. Consider the electrical load a cord will carry before buying one. 1,375 watts are capable of being carried by a 16 AWG load cord. Use a 14 or 12 AWG cord for higher weights. 


To avoid damage, keep your used and unused cords organised and safe. 

Power cords need to be maintained securely to avoid damage, so electrical safety precautions don't just apply to them when they're in use. Keep cords that are stored away from kids and animals (who may chew on or play with the cords). Avoid tightly wrapping cords around items because this can strain the cord or make it overheat. To avoid harming the commercial plumbers perth and wires, never rest a cord on a hot surface. 


To minimise dangers, unplug any equipment that aren't in use. 

Unplugging an appliance while it's not in use is one of the easiest electrical safety precautions to ignore. Unplugging unused equipment safeguards them from overheating or power surges in addition to decreasing any phantom drain (the amount of energy the gadget uses even when not actively in use). 


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