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The original Chef Coats created by Chef Marie-Antoine Carême were made in white, because Chef Carême stressed on the fact that white color created an aura of cleanliness, hygiene and professionalism, which to this day is followed by many chefs as a mark of honor to both tradition and their profession.

These days men’s and women’s Chef coats come in a variety of designs, styles and colors, giving a wide range for one to choose from. They also come in different and very innovative materials, made to prevent staining and dirtying, keeping the Chef’s coat clean and professional looking.

So, what do the different colored chef coats mean?

Well, to be honest there is no specific reason for having different colored Chef Coats, but a reason for using white colored Chef coats is very much clear. Working in the hot environment that a busy kitchen offers, the Chef and other staff need to be comfortable and protected from dangerous accidents. White is a reflective color and hence absorbs heat, and they are also easy to clean by using bleach because bleaching other colors can fade colors, making white the ideal color for Chef coats.

One reason that you might find different colored women’s and men’s chef coats, may be that they are made to the restaurant or brand’s specific color theme. Sometimes restaurant owners may also provide different colored coats to classify the different ranks of Chefs and cooks in the kitchen, so that they can be easily identified.

Whatever the color or style, Chef Coats are designed to give the utmost protection to the wearer, as they are made with a very sturdy fabric which is usually 100% cotton. The fabric is also fire and heat resistant and certain manufacturers add a Teflon coating to the fabric to keep them stain free. The Teflon coating allows liquid spills to simply roll off the Chef Coat without staining it.


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