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Chelsea Houska Shares New Sneak Peek At The House She’s Building With Husband Cole DeBoer — Pics

Chelsea Houska gave an update on the status of her under-construction dream home. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star even revealed her anticipated move in date!

Chelsea Houska’s dream home with husband Cole DeBoer is coming along beautifully. Over the past few days, the 28-year-old Teen Mom 2 star shared photos of the farmhouse that she and Cole, 31, are building in South Dakota on the home’s construction page, @downhomedeboers. This included newly-installed roofing, windows, and a spacious front porch!

“I have a feeling a LOT of memories will be made on this front porch,” read the caption under one photo, which showed Chelsea relaxing on the front of her future family’s home on June 10. The wooden walls were still exposed, but in the next photo shared on June 13, the panels were covered in TyVek HomeWrap, the windows had been placed and a roof attached.

“Wooooah. We got roofing and WINDOWS! Holy. One of the things we always envisioned for the placement of this house was the view. We wanted to be able to see down the tree line and also be able to look out over the pond. I don’t know how they did it, but they lined this baby up PERFECTLY. Can’t wait to watch all the wildlife go from the trees to the pond,” Chelsea wrote under the photo. The MTV star added that she kept their future Christmas tree’s “placement” in mind!

Speaking of the holidays, Chelsea gave a likely timeline as to when she, Cole and their kids Watson DeBoer, 3, Layne DeBoer, 1, and Aubree-Lind DeBoer, 10, will finally move into their new farm pad. “A lot of people are asking when our move in date is, and it’s looking like November! Which means we will hopefully get to de

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