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Busy professional parents solely rely on childcare services to care for, educate, and enrich the lives of their children. The best versions of child care allow parents to concentrate on supporting their families through their chosen careers.

In New Zealand, more than 90 percent of children under five receive some sort of care and education from external child care services.

According to a thorough study published by IBIS, the growth of childcare centers in Auckland is increasing day by day. This also means that the quality of these services is also getting more professional day by day.

Why Do You Need Childcare

We have a handful of reasons why parents are looking towards childcare to look after their children.

1. Both Parents Are Working At Offices

In this day and age, most households in New Zealand are a two-income household. If both parents are working outside the home, they definitely need childcare for their kiddos.

2. Stay at Home Parents Are Busy

Some households surely have a stay at home mom or stay at home dad, but sometimes they’re going to be really busy or perhaps need a break.

In this scenario, many parents will look forward to opting for childcare services for their children.

3. Single Parent Upbringing

Perhaps if there is nobody nearby a single-parent household then, there definitely has to be someone who shall watch their child while they’re at work. These parents could always consider childcare services as an alternative to baby sitters at home.


Why Should You Not Send Your Child To Daycare

1. The Cost of Daycare

Childcare are not cheap,  they can be quite expensive. 

One thing which is sure is the cost of daycare is high…and abnormally high in some parts of the country.

Many families are having a hard time affording daycare costs.

Let us put it this way, a childcare service can cost anywhere between 15% to 30% of the average family income.

2. Child Develops Aggressive Behavior 

Studies have found that more time is spent in childcare increases the likelihood that a child is going to have behavior problems such as aggressive behavior or impulsive reaction. If you really want the good traits of your family glare at your children’s personality, then obviously, Childcare is not for you.

3. You’ll Spend Less Quality Time with Your Child

One of the biggest downsides of childcare is that you’re not going to spend a lot of time with your child which unfortunately means you’re going to miss some major milestones. If you would love to witness the growth of your child, then these services should not be taken up. And as far as an attachment to your child is concerned, you could easily divide the childcare time/days as per your liking. Say, for example, the child will spend the first week at the Childcare center and the second week with you at home, and vice versa. 


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