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The Copenhagen Declaration established fibromyalgia as a formal, official CeriseaMedica Plus Review syndrome for the World Health Organization in 1993, and defines it as a painful (but not present in the joints) condition predominantly involving muscles and the most common cause of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain. It is also characterized by unexplained widespread pain or aching, ongoing fatigue, generalized morning stiffness, and non-refreshing sleep.

If ever there were a reason to try a memory foam mattress, this condition would warrant it. If you even so much as suspect that this is what you might be experiencing, the biggest favor you could do yourself would be to get onto a memory foam structure and off of traditional spring mattresses. Nothing can aggrevate this kind of pain more that sleeping on mattress construction that uses coil and tension, no matter how well-padded it may be. With memory foam your body will warm the foam where it needs to “sink in”. No force pushes back, as would from a coil mattress.

Old coils in mattresses can become “sprung” after many years of use, making any mattress pad ineffective. They also can sag in the middle. In all, a very uncomfortable situation for an FMS sufferer. Memory foam can feel good even when placed on the floor! Rest is a critical need of FMS patients, so if you suffer from this condition, investigate trying a memory foam mattress.



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