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Choose The Best Light Colour For You

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An essential consideration when purchasing a lightbulb is the light color. Find the ideal light source for you fast and conveniently. Select the appropriate light color for each space, and discover how to accomplish your goals in the future with speed and ease.

What color is light?

The color temperature, which is expressed in Kelvin or K, is what determines how bright a light source seems to be. Depending on the Kelvin value, a light source will either emit warm or cool light. Warm white light with a Kelvin value below 2700K is referred to as such. The cooler the light seems, the higher the value; for example, 5000K would provide a cold white light.

Therefore, it's crucial to think about the light source's intended use before making a purchase. The Kelvin value will be visible on the box, allowing you to choose the color temperature you like.

The myth of sensitivity with LED light color

Some people have asserted that LED lightbulbs are inferior to conventional lightbulbs in some ways. These worries usually center on the light color, saying that it is overly garish, dazzling, or uncomfortable. The whole spectrum is really provided by LED light sources, and compared to conventional lightbulbs, the LED light spectrum has higher intensity for the blue and green wavelengths.

Display your light color independently and room by room.

Bright white light is best for your office's productivity, focus, and eye comfort. Bright white light also works well in the kitchen, where cooking is the main focus, and in bathrooms to create a fresh atmosphere.

However, warm white light promotes comfort, relaxation, and a cozier atmosphere. This light is excellent for reading, unwinding on the couch, or getting ready for bed.

Want to make your dark cellar or room more luminous? To help illuminate a dim space even without a window, use an illuminant with a color temperature of more than 5000K to mimic daylight.

Work while relaxing – flexible in every way

Are there spaces in your house where you can work and unwind?

Two light settings are available in the Relax & Work collection to match your home. From warm white light to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to chilly white light to help you concentrate and focus. With the Relax & Work line from Eglo, you can effortlessly switch between warm white and cold white light colors while controlling the light with a standard wall switch.


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