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We, being a new age human, are heavily dependent on search engines. We can’t even think of spending a day without the internet as it has become a core part of our life to carry out daily chores. Right from food ordering to surfing of information, we do it all on it. And this dependency will further increase with each passing day as many services providers are adapting digital platforms to channelize their business and reach us. 

To present us the best information pertaining to our search queries, search engines gather data together and put the best answer on the screen.  

Here, in this blog, we have compiled a list of top 3 search engines that are ideal to meet your browsing needs. 

It may have come as a shock to you that there are other search engines too in the market that are equivalent to Google but ‘Yes’ it is true and their popularity can be measured by assessing their everyday search count. 

So, without wasting time, have a look at these top 5 search engines and get answers to your everyday queries. 

#1 Google:- This IT giant needs no introduction as there is hardly any person on the planet who would not have heard this name before. One of the most popular products offered by Google, Google search engine carries over billions of data and offers best search results to the end-users. With every new day coming, the company is evolving itself and setting apart from others. As per the data fetched by industry leaders, it was concluded that Google is the most used and popular search engine across the globe and there are only a few search engines which stand close to it. 

#2. Bing:- According to a report, Bing is the most used search engine after Google. Launched in 2009, it is the default search engine Microsoft’s browser. Owned by Microsoft itself, Bing always strives to be the best by providing most relevant answers to user’s queries. However, it has a long way to go to come close to Google. You, as a businessman, on Bing, can place your business by submitting the details you have. 

#3. Yahoo:- Being the most popular email service provider, Yahoo enjoys as market leader, capturing 7.68 percent of the total market share. However, there is a decline in its number of daily users since the news of hacking user details & password rolled out in the market. It is still a preferred choice of search engine users after Google & Bing. 

We hope this blog on top 3 search engines in the world has enlightened you. To read such blogs in future, stay tuned to us. 

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