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Choosing a motorhome for Buy Mississippi

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The smallest class of motorhomes is called “kastenvagen”. The cost starts from 8000 rubles per day, depending on the condition. There are options for 12,000 and even 14,500 rubles per day of rent. But these are brand new motorhomes with advanced features.

compact class of motorhomes 

This class of mobile homes in the United States is offered on the basis of commercial vans Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper and even Gazelle Next. In the usual configuration, the van is equipped with everything necessary for living two people. If there is a pop-up roof or a second tier of beds inside the van, then four or even five people can sleep.

Kastenwagens can be from 5.5 to 6.4 m long. With such dimensions, it is much easier to move along the roads, drive into cities and park. It's a little cramped inside, compared to large motorhomes, but all the amenities, including a shower and a dry closet, are there.

Due to their high retail value, which is almost equal to the price of a family class, kastenvagens are not cheaper than other motorhomes. Saving money by renting a small motorhome will not work, no matter how offended it is for vacationing couples.


  • cramped interior
  • Poor thermal insulation for winter travel
  • Small spaces for luggage
  • Some models have a small amount of water on board
  • small refrigerator





  • lower fuel consumption compared to other classes
  • high maneuverability and speed
  • inconspicuous appearance
  • small van height
  • a decent margin of autonomy comparable to other classes (for some models)



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