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Choosing Between Different Types of Glove Dispensers: Wall Mount vs. Tabletop

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Glove dispensers help organize your office after a long day. It keeps gloves hygienic and accessible for use while preventing boxes from being damaged or soiled. Dispensers also remove the need to carry gloves on worktops, in unsecured drawers, or in pockets.  

Rules on where to put your glove box holder may also play a role in helping you make the right choice, depending on where you live. For instance, in some regions, every glove dispenser wall mount has to be readily accessible by people, positioned vertically, and in full view of the entry. It also needs to be firmly anchored. 

Before making a purchase, consider several considerations. It's important to consider both the kind of institution you work at and the kind of traffic it gets. This post will discuss many different types of glove dispensers, such as acrylic and stainless steel models, and any other features you may want.  

  • Application  

Keep enough gloves in high-traffic areas like emergency rooms and hospitals to comply with standards. Quad glove dispensers guarantee your department has enough supplies. A three-box stainless steel glove dispenser that fits several sizes is common in big organizations.  

  • Capacity 

To address the demands of your facility, there are three typical configurations for exam glove box dispensers: single, double, and triple. Certain PPE dispensers arrange the boxes in a stack, while others, such as the filled stainless steel glove dispenser with three sides, face outward to provide simpler access. 

  • Material 

Glove box dispensers come in various materials, including high-impact polystyrene, stainless steel, white steel, acrylic, powder-coated steel wire, and epoxy-coated steel wire. Dispensers made of acrylic are robust and transparent, making them easy to identify and replenish quickly. Dispensers made of powder-coated steel and epoxy-coated wire have a see-through design and are water-resistant, but acrylic dispensers are not. The most resilient PPE dispenser wall mount is made of stainless steel, which can be cleaned safely in most bleach solutions. The powder-coated steel dispensers have an open design that makes identifying glove sizes and a sturdy finish simple. Like the stainless-steel glove dispenser, high-impact polystyrene dispensers are robust and resistant to strong cleaning agents. 

  • Mounting Orientation 

Exam glove box dispensers are available in multiple mounting configurations. Some glove dispensers are designed with numerous keyholes, allowing for dual, triple, or quad mounting options to mount the dispenser vertically or horizontally. Some dispensers may also come with mounting tools such as suction cups, allowing for mounting on glass surfaces. Many PPE dispensers can also be placed on counters or tabletops to keep gloves organized and improve utilization in the workplace. 

  • Features 

Workers may need dispensers with special characteristics. Locking lid dispensers provide safety and simple access. Finger holes on one end of most acrylic glove box holders make refilling easier. Additionally, top, side, and bottom loading are available. Some feature spring-loaded rear flaps to prevent glove slippage. 


Choosing a glove dispenser that works well for your business might be challenging since there are so many variations, each with a different function. As a result, before choosing one, it's crucial to consider the factors mentioned above. Buying an exam glove dispenser wall mount may seem like a simple black-and-white procedure, but there may be more possibilities than you first think. 



When choosing between wall mount and tabletop glove dispensers, consider local laws, the type of institution you work at, traffic, capacity, material, mounting orientation, and special features. These aspects must be considered before buying. 

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Broadway Medical Supply's PPE dispensers provide safety and organization. With robust construction and simple features, these dispensers make PPE easy to obtain, protecting personnel and visitors. 


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