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Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher Training School in India

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There are many choices when it comes to choosing a yoga teacher training in India. They can be quite costly in time and money, so choosing the right yoga teacher training is important. This article will help you choose the one that is best for you.

There are many different styles of yoga and with each style comes a different yoga teacher training. Most styles are under the Hatha Yoga umbrella, which is essentially yoga for health of the body. Most people say they practice Hatha Yoga as if it were differentiating their physical yoga practice. Most of the popular yoga styles today are hatha yoga. The other forms of yoga are Bhakti, Jhana, and Karma(finding Life Purpose). Of course, some forms of yoga will overlap, but most forms practiced in America are primarily Hatha.

Yoga Teacher Training

Back to choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training in Goa. Here are a few important steps:

1. At least take a class with one or all of the directors leading the training. Make sure you resonate with their philosophy and energy.

2. Make sure that the style is right for you. Take classes with different teachers. Some styles have certain alignment principles. These alignment principles may not work for everyone. Some yoga styles have a very formal system, while others give more flexibility to teachers and students to modify. Some yoga styles are less focused on the actual postures and more on the meditative aspects. Some styles such as vinyasana are more fast-paced. Knowing if the style is right for you may be the most important aspect in choosing of a yoga teacher training school.

3. Ask yoga teachers that have done the feedback training.

4. Price and timing can also play a big factor. Prices can range from $2000 to well over $6000 with flights and accommodations.

There is a premium paid for doing a yoga teacher training with a well-known yogi.

5. Save Money and see if you may qualify for an Early Bird Special, Discounts, or Scholarships.



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