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Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system. You will have to use your Google email address to sign in. You will have to use your Google account to store all your Data. It will be connected to all Google services. That makes it easy to get your work done in Google World. Chrome is a great operating system because of its simplicity and security.

Chrome OS Launcher

When you boot up on your computer, it gets to your login screen. You can use your Google Account to log in. You will get the start menu on the left side. However, it is called a launcher. It opens up a Google Search bar. You can search for apps, add-ons, and plugins on your computer. You can also browse from here.

Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is basically the main thing that you have access to. You can open up Google from this menu. As a result, you will get a Google search bar. You can do everything else you want to do online here.

Files and Local Storage

File browsing is simple and straightforward in Chrome OS. You can easily read and write from your USB Drive.

You will get a file browser inside Google Chrome OS. You will get local storage included in Chrome OS. It means that you will have the storage to download the files from the internet. You can save them locally. For example, Microsoft file, PDF, Image, Video. These all file formats will work on your Chrome OS.

You can also view your Google Drive. You can see documents that you have backed up using Google Backup. The document can be synced between different devices.

Connect With Other Devices

Chrome OS lets you connect with other devices very easily. You can connect to any Wi-Fi device. You can use BlueTooth for a headset. You will also get plenty of cool options. You can share your computer screen with your TV. Almost everything you can do with your normal computer, you can also do it with Chrome OS.

Advantages Over Other OS

There are also some advantages to using a Chrome OS over other operating systems. The Chrome OS automatically updates. Google provides free updates. These updates are downloaded automatically in the background. The installation takes only a couple of minutes.

Another advantage is that there are no known viruses, malware, or threats that can penetrate the system. Everything is encrypted and secured by your Google Account. It provides you a lot of security and safety.

Limitations and Drawback

However, there are also some limitations and drawbacks. For example, you can not install a Mac app or Windows app inside Chrome OS. You can only run Chrome add-ons, plugins, and Android apps. This might not be a limitation or drawback for a lot of users. There are tons of applications available on the Android Play Store. These apps will allow you to get your work done on the device.

Why Chromebook or Chrome OS?

You can use it if you are doing most of your work online. Chromebook or Chrome OS are designed to be a portal to the internet. It helps you a lot to use online applications. You can use different android apps here. These apps let you get your work done online efficiently.

There are a lot of things you can do with your operating system.

  • You can insert memory cards and access your files.
  • Work with Microsoft documents using Android versions of Word and Excel.
  • You can print using Chrome OS.


Chrome Os is not susceptible to viruses, threats, and malware. It is one of the secure operating systems available on the market today. It is excellent for students.

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