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The Cisco Nexus 9000v is a virtual platform family designed to simulate control plane features of a standalone switch running Cisco Nexus 9K software. This switches use the same software image that performs the Cisco Nexus 9K hardware platforms. However, the virtual platforms don’t attempt to simulate any specific ASICs or hardware SKUs, they are aligned with their hardware counterparts. The evolved Cisco software data plane handles the traffic across the line card interfaces.

Cisco Nexus Licenses

The Cisco Nexus 9000v virtual platform family includes of two virtual platforms: Nexus 9300v and Nexus 9500v. The Nexus 9000 virtual platform lets you to simulate network in a cost-effective manner. Use the simulated network to validate configurations prior to their application on a production network. Benefit these platforms to rapidly develop and test network automation tools using Cisco NX-OS programmability interfaces.

The Cisco Nexus 9300v platform simulates a single supervisor non-modular chassis with a single co-located line card. This virtual chassis closely aligns with the standalone Cisco Nexus 9300 hardware platform running in the ‘LXC’ mode. These virtual switches support 1 management interface, 1-line card and up to 64-line card interfaces.

For basic boot up Nexus 9000v uses 4G of RAM, although depending on the number of features at least 6G is recommended. Also 2 vCPUs are needed and up to 65 vNICs is supported.

These robust virtual switches can be deployed on KVM/QEMU 3.0 or higher, ESXI 6.5 or higher and Vagrant 2.2.6 or higher. When you upgrade an older Nexus 9000v to the current release, it’s automatically transformed into the Nexus 9300v. Even after subsequent reloads and NX-OS image upgrades, the platform will continue to present itself as a Nexus 9300v.

Cisco Nexus 9000v License

About Cisco 9000v license and to be more specific, Cisco Nexus 9300v license and Cisco Nexus 9500v license, all are available in Cisco smart licensing plan. Customers can order and purchase these licenses on the Cisco smart software management website and with a smart account. It makes it possible to manage and control all licenses in a single and centralized platform that eases the licensing procedures for the administrators.

Experts can guide you for more information on the price and order. Fill the price form or call our contact number so that you will be able to get details that meet your needs.


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