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Citizen- Crime Alert App Testing On-Demand Security Service

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A big ball of controversy is surrounding the app, as it mistakenly indicated an innocent person as the suspect. 

The crime watching app Citizen is currently trying out the newly introduced on-demand safety service, which is supposed to work like ride-sharing application ‘Uber’ where the driver will be replaced, and app will call a security service. The product will allow users to call a security guard, who will upkeep you while walking you to your home alone at night. According to the spokesperson of the Citizen app, the whole concept is about testing the product and is known as the ‘pilot project.’ The test took place on Friday via Motherboard, which resulted in leaking internal documents. 

Introducing a feature like this would be fascinating, and think about how much security we would feel while walking alone at night. As a part of this world and regardless of gender, we have never felt safe and are always worrying about mugging, any bad accident like shooting, and whatnot. Now, if our digital world will be advanced enough to build a perfectly designed crime alert app, which will not only notify you about the danger but will also give you an option to call for a security guard to walk you home. As a citizen, I am looking forward to this, and it will be a cool technology to develop our digital intelligence as well as our society. 

A feature like this would simply represent spreading the services of the company, which will allow users to notify any kind of happening on the app via “incident” that will activate localized safety alerts as notifications are provided to other users walking nearby. 

Citizens to be considered a game-changer to address the LAPD’s property crime backlog.

According to the reports, the app Citizen seems to have formed a partnership with private security organizations like Los Angeles Professional Security (LAPS), which is allowing to test the program with a limited staff of security. 

According to the spokesperson of the company, Los Angeles Professional Security is providing quick response services, and a small test is being conducted at the internal level with employees with one vehicle. The company has also informed that Citizen has spoken with several partners but has denied disclosing their names. 

According to the reports of Motherboard, the Citizen has also contacted several Los Angeles Police Department, and the response was given through email with the answer that bringing such a service would be a game-changer to convey LAPD’s backlog of property crime. 

Crime alert app Citizen accidentally accused an innocent person as a suspect to start the wildfire in California. 

However, the scenario seems to have taken a turn, as recently, an incident happened where a photo and name of a person was disclosed on the app with information indicating as the suspect to start the wildfire in California. The information was incorrect, and the app got a lot of criticism from the people, which led to the confirmation of an on-demand security service to be included in the Citizen app. 

Regarding the incorrectly informed information, the company apologized and told that the app failed and caused destruction by not following its strict validation protocols during the operation of the OnAir alert program, which resulted in a false accusation. 

According to the reports, Citizen informed CNET, the protocols were utilized based on considering 15 situations on which OnAir was first operated. However, it is quite disappointing that on this occasion, the LAPD sergeant’s on-the-ground tip was utilized instead of an official declaration from public security companies. 

Hopefully, with the time moving forward and technology getting more advanced, we will get to see and use the crime alert application to secure our way home. 

META-  Crime alert app Citizen testing an on-demand security service. The ‘Pilot Project’ is being tested at a small level with limited security staff.

Source :- Citizen- Crime Alert App Testing On-Demand Security Service

Link- https://www.tipsclear.in/crime-alert-app-citizen-is-reportedly-testing-on-demand-security-feature/





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