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Classic Beverages from Jammu & Kashmir That You Must Not Miss When Here

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When you visit Jammu and Kashmir, every day will unveil something worth remembering. From mesmerizing places, warm hospitality, and beautiful traditions to sumptuous food, Jammu and Kashmir tourism offers so much more. Take their cuisine, for instance; being a cold state, the culinary tradition in the valley is unique and rich. The Kashmir and Jammu valley has a host of non-alcoholic drinks that they take immense pride in. These drinks are only available in the state and must be tried when travelling here. 
Let’s have a look at them. 


In the movies, on the Kashmir news, and in magazines, you have seen localities enjoying a cup of Kawah. But what’s it exactly? Kawah is the most popular local chai that keeps people warm and boosts their immunity. It is traditionally made by brewing green tea leaves, dried fruits, saffron, raisins, almonds, dates, berries, cinnamon, and cardamom in the brass kettle, known as a samovar. 

Ladhaki Butter Chai

Also known as Gur-Gur Chai, butter tea is a vital health drink for sustaining the winter season and the chilly nights. Ladhaki chai is made from Tibetan tea leaves, Yak milk and butter, and salt. 

Sheer Chai or Noon Chai

Kashmiris are tea-holic and are also recognized for their tea expertise. If you are in Kashmir, you must not miss their special noon or sheer chai, a pink-coloured traditional beverage made with gunpowder tea, sea salt, baking soda, and milk. Noon chai is Kashmiri’s go-to drink, often relished during work hours or as a mid-day snack. 

Kesar Doodh

Kesar Dooth or Saffron Milk is now a part of many regional festivities and rituals and is not confined to Kashmir alone. Kesar is the most expensive spice globally, and Jammu and Kashmir is its largest producer. Known for its aroma, colour, and sweet taste, Kesar doodh contains many health benefits, including flu and common cold prevention. 

Kandh Sharbat or Babriyol Sharbat

Babriyol sharbat is an auspicious drink prepared during the month of Ramzan using raisins, basil seeds, and cardamom. It is served at the time of Iftaar, as it helps reduce cholesterol, inflammation, and risks of heart disease. It also keeps us healthy and strong during the long fasting hours.
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