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Activated carbon is divided into particulate matter and chemical fiber. Relatively speaking, the particulate matter activated carbon has a uniform exhaust port. Except for small holes, it is also a hole of 0 5 -5 um. The specific area is generally 600-1 600 m2/g. The gas must diffuse from the outside to the inside. wholesale activated charcoal powder Based on the longer interval, the absorption and desorption are slow. The granular activated carbon that has undergone diazotization reaction treatment has a stronger appeal and is generally used for fixed-bed reactor type activated carbon adsorption. Command method.

The chemical fiber activated carbon exhaust vents are all smaller and larger than the surface. It relies on the temptation between the molecular formulas to cause absorption, and does not cause chemical reactions between each other. It is a physical absorption process. The small holes immediately open their mouths. In addition, the gas diffusion distance is short, and the absorption and desorption are fast. It is generally used for the principle of absorption and extraction.

The fixed-bed reactor activated carbon absorption method can be used to treat the organic waste gas with a mass concentration of 0 to 0 1 mg/m2, and the air volume is 0. 0-48 000 m3/h construction projects; the principle of absorption and extraction can be used for construction projects where the mass concentration of organic waste gas is 6 mg/rrm and the air volume is 0-600 000m3/h.https://www.yrdcarbon.com

The method can be used to purify waste gas with low mass concentration and no need to recycle air pollution sources. Activated carbon thermal regeneration method is the most widely used active carbon remodeling method in industrial production. High temperature steam can be used to absorb the sediment in the used activated carbon, and make it repair the original non-specific, beyond the mouth of repeated application of.


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