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Cleaning your firearm is an important part of gun ownership. Maintaining your gun can lead to longer-lasting, safer, and better-performing firearms. Whether you’re a collector, hobbyist, or hunter, you want to be sure you take the proper steps while cleaning. With the right tips, it can be a simple and relaxing process. From using a gun cleaning kit to keeping an eye out for rust, here are five suggestions to keep in mind while cleaning your firearms. As always, before you get started take the proper measures to make sure your firearm is unloaded.

Use a High-Quality Solvent

Cleaning solvents are one of the most essential products you can use for firearm maintenance. They break down any dirt or buildup that has collected on your gun. This makes the cleaning process easier and can help extend the life of your firearm and its components. Look for a pH-neutral solvent to be sure it works well with any materials, including wood, plastics, polymers, and cerakote. Choose solvents that are also odor-free and non-staining for a simple and effective cleaning process.

Cleaning Kits Are Necessary

A gun cleaning kit provides all the tools and materials you might need while cleaning your firearm. Kits typically come with brushes, rods, solvents, lubricants, and other items made specifically for the type of guns you’re cleaning. You can get a pull-through pistol cleaning kit or a rifle cleaning kit with all the rods you need for your long gun. Whatever kit you decide on, make sure it comes with durable and firm brushes, along with high-quality cleaning liquids.

Ensure Your Tools Are Clean Before and After

Whether you are using an AR-15 cleaning kit or have your own tools, it is important to ensure they are clean before you begin the cleaning process. Double-check before and after you use them to make sure they are clear of debris and don’t have any extra cleaning liquid on them. Use a high-quality solvent to turn dirty tools into pristine ones. Simply make sure they are dry before you put them back into your kit, and they’ll be ready for your next maintenance session.

Don’t Forget Added Lubricant

A gun is an interlocking puzzle of moving parts. From the slide to the hammer and even the recoil spring, there is a lot of movement every time you pull the trigger. That’s why lubrication is essential. It helps these parts glide by each other smoothly instead of grinding together and eroding important material. Oils and grease can act as lubricants and extend the longevity of your firearm. Look for a lubricant option with a wide temperature range that’s also non-toxic. It’s the best way to round out your gun-cleaning routine.

Double Check for Rust

Before you put your firearm back together, do a thorough check of all your screws and pins for rust. Liquids and greases can get stuck on screws and pins, causing rust over time. If you find any, you can either replace the part or scrub it with utility brush and a drop of oil. With the right cleaning techniques, your gun is sure to look and perform like new in no time.

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