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Technology is the future of clinical & medicinal practice, and the medical industries in India are on the raise. Multinational biotech, Pharm Tech, Clinical trial institutes & medical institutes have proven to be beneficial in creating effective solutions to medicinal practice.

Clinical SAS is a programming software that is used to analyze the data from clinical trials. The software helps to manage complex data that is generated during various clinical trials. The Clinical SAS software helps structure the data that comes from clinical trials into graphs, statistics, & simple data which helps to uncover hidden insights.


Further Clinical Data Management is the data generation phase where quality data and statistics are generated from complex data from clinical trials. Thy dynamic helps the produce drugs, & medicines for treating patients.

The responsibilities of a Clinical Data Management executive are validating clinical data & designing the data charts, which includes areas of coding, workflow, reporting & transferring clinical data, furniture resolving problems & making long-term data collection is more of the work of an average Clinical Data Management executive.

IGPC is the leading CDM training institute in Hyderabad that provides students with courses, & trains them for learning CDM. Clinical Data Management has a wide scope, & promises many quality job opportunities in the coming future. IGPC trains young students who wish to pursue a career in CDM & Clinical SAS all within the roof of IGPC.

CDM Training at IGPC Hyderabad

IGPC is the leading  CDM training institute in Hyderabad that provides students from Hyderabad & across India with quality education to become a master in clinical data management.

Online Classes:

Most of the students that want to pursue a career in CDM are either pursuing their education or working full-time, which makes it difficult for them to attend regular lectures. We provide students with online classes that are flexible in timing slots so students can prefer their selected time slot when they are comfortable. 

Quality Education:

At IGPC we believe in high-quality education, we connect students to teachers that are the best in CDM, that teach programming with ease & educate the students deeply on their interests and subjects. We provide students with mock tests, unit test examinations, & real-life case studies. Overall this dynamic helps students learn better, further we provide students with recordings of the lectures they have attended so students can learn again & again just by viewing the recorded sessions. 

Affordable Packages:

IGPC understands that most students that enroll with us are of middle-class families, either earning a living for their family or dependent on their partners. We, therefore, provide students with options of monthly installments to pay, further we also provide the top performing students with scholarships that benefit them in the future.

Why Choose IGPC?

  1. IGPC is the leading CDM training institute in Hyderabad, that provides students with quality education at competitive prices.
  1. We aid students with quality online learning, where students can attend classes & listen to pre-recorded lectures whenever they need.
  1. Our institution is blessed with elite teachers, that train students for complex clinical trials which they will face in near future.
  1. IGPC provides students with classroom interactive sessions, where students in the class can ask questions to teachers & clear their doubts.
  1. Further, we provide students with scholarships based on their performance.
  1. We have a customized set of syllabi & we provide students with the books, & free wifi connection for students in the classroom.
  1. At IGPC students are given interactive sessions, top teachers, online learning, regular examinations, mock tests, live case studies, & finally certification on completion of the course.

IGPC also is the leading Clinical SAS Training Institute in Hyderabad, so your all educational needs are fulfilled under one roof.



Clinical Management Training in Hyderabad

IGPC is the best CDM training institute in Hyderabad that provides students with the top training programs at competitive pricing. We also provide students with proper certification, & grades at the completion of the training program, our graduate students have been able to land jobs at top medical research centers, parama companies & biotech companies. Feel free to connect to IGPC today as we are the leading CDM training institute in Hyderabad & the best Clinical SAS Training Institute in Hyderabad.



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