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Co-curriculars gone awry with e-learning

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 Over the last year, with schools and students taking to technology to keep the academic journey going, students missed out on the co-curriculars largely.

The best schools near hebbal serves as an important platform to introduce a child to the novel, varied activities and provide them with a wholesome learning experience. However, this is majorly missed out in the case of online learning.

Hobbies and activities like dance, music, and painting were hit hard and not paid much attention to in most cases. This reduces a child’s exposure to a large extent. In an attempt to fill this gap, many schools looked for alternatives via the online medium as well. Online sessions for Yoga, music and etc. are being conducted, however, the session happening online can make it difficult for the instructor to convey and for the students to learn. Teachers cannot monitor all students and face-to-face monitoring definitely makes it easier to gauge a learner’s progress. The bond formation between the teacher and student, and between students themselves is affected to a large extent as well.

Most of the schools in hebbal went beyond conventional opportunities and conducted wellness workshops to include mindfulness, personality development and focused on boosting confidence and enhancing communication skills. Virtually students are able to discover new hobbies and take ownership of their learning. Grace Pinto, in an article published in Deccan Herald mentions that although online activities help relieve the stress of students, the lack of social dynamics is certainly a void that cannot be easily filled. Simple aspects such as eating and playing together are missed out on and holistic development may be hindered.

With e-learning resulting in the reduced creative and wholesome development of the learners, each parent must keep in mind to ensure what’s lacking in the online platform is taken care of otherwise to ensure the healthy growth of the child. Not all the learning that takes place happens in the academic field! can choose one of the best cbse schools in hebbal




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