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Havanese dogs have a long, thick, silky, light, and soft coat, which can be straight or curly. Meanwhile, wavy hairs are preferred in dog shows. They may come in black, white, black-and-tan, gray, sable, and other marks and colors. Most Havanese owners like to clip the coat short for easier care. But if you're into dog shows, it's best to make the coat short, which has more grooming demands.

Long coats need to be brushed daily to get rid of mats. Frequent baths are also necessary. And don't forget to ensure your dog's hair is tied up above his eyes— not only to make it look cute but also to prevent irritation. Overall, you may prefer going to the groomer if you don't have the necessary skills and motivation to groom the Havanese. Although you can learn to groom your dog, an extreme amount of dedication is needed for this.


Excessive hair loss or other skin and hair coat issues should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Ashburn, VA.



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