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Code name: Operation Save the Loyal Dog

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Thinking that Gu Chen had come to this world, Zhou Mingrui couldn't wait to see him, but he was afraid to see him. Undeniably, when Zhou Mingrui's family was destroyed and betrayed by his wife and friends, Gu Chen's help and guardianship made him feel that only Gu Chen could be trusted in the world, and that the person he once hated most was the only one who really loved him and would not betray him. His feelings were very complicated. After being confessed at the age of 14, he had a very bad attitude towards Gu Chen. He also targeted Gu Chen several times for Deng Xiaoxiao. Unexpectedly, Gu Chen helped him, protected him, and even paid for his life. This love is too heavy, he is afraid to return Gu Chen's affection, after all, he does not like men, but he has experienced so many things, it is impossible to accept any woman in his side, because of distrust. He knew that he had psychological problems, he did not trust anyone, suspected that everyone around him had ulterior motives, and Gu Chen had used death to prove his loyalty, so he trusted only Gu Chen. Kumar suddenly spoke, interrupting Zhou Mingrui's thoughts. [One more point, please note that the host, because every world has the power of rules,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, outsiders will be excluded. You have the cover of the system so you won't be found, but Gu Chen doesn't, so in order to protect his soul from being excluded by the rules of the world, the system blocks his memory. Zhou Mingrui heard this, I do not know why, a pain in the heart, ‘that is to say, he does not remember me?' Kumar quickly comforted, [Host don't worry,Amber Dropper Bottles, this is only temporary, he will recover as soon as he leaves this world, you can get to know each other again now ~] Zhou Mingrui thought, ‘You're right. Thank you, Kumar.' [Host: Don't mention it ~] Zhou Mingrui thought of another question, ‘Yes, you just said that outsiders would be excluded by the rules, so why is it no problem for the protagonist? He came through time, too. [The host is smart enough to find the key to the problem. Traversers usually come through loopholes in the rules, so if they get a little bit of the power of the rules, they won't be rejected. It's also a way to get lucky.] Zhou Mingrui had a brainwave. ‘If there is no protagonist, the prince will ascend the throne smoothly, right? As the crown prince of a country, the prince must have good luck, and the arrival of the protagonist prompted King Ping to plunder the prince's luck and ascend the throne. Is that so? ‘ [Ding.. Hide the task & ltThe Gains and Losses of Qi Yun & gt Complete! Reward the host with 1000 energy coins and a chance to draw.] ‘….. If I hadn't noticed. The task reward is gone? ‘ There are very few hidden quests, no more than 3 in a world, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but the rewards are very generous, comparable to the main quests. By the way, the host, you now have energy coins, you can open the system mall oh ~ also, now to draw?] Unexpectedly, there are any lottery activities, Zhou Mingrui is curious, ‘then draw first, and then open the mall.' [Ask the host to open his eyes] It turned out that a light screen appeared in front of Zhou Mingrui's eyes. There was a big turntable on it. There were six kinds of objects on the turntable. He looked carefully. There were potions, books, daggers and ornaments. What attracted his attention most was the “identification technique”. Zhou Mingrui asked Kumar, ‘What is identification?' Identification is a very useful skill. It can't be dropped after binding. It can identify everything. The host is mainly able to draw this, which is very helpful for you to complete the task. As soon as Zhou Mingrui heard this, he wanted to get this skill even more, so after clicking the & lt start lottery & gt button, he kept reciting'Identification, Identification, Identification.. ‘in his heart. Maybe it was really his idea that worked, or maybe he was lucky in the first lottery. After the pointer crossed the column of the jade pendant, it stopped in the case of identification. [Wow, the host is so lucky. Congratulations on getting the skill “Identification”. Do you want to bind?] ‘Yes. ‘ [Ding.. Binding succeeded ! Host , Do you want to open the system mall?] The system mall, Zhou Mingrui has been salivating for a long time, especially the time reverser, ‘open. ’ [Beep.. The mall is activated , after deducting 500 energy coins, the remaining: 500 energy coins, do you want to view the mall?] ‘View' The light screen in front of Zhou Mingrui's eyes was refreshed, with the word & lt Mall & gt written on the top, and pictures and names of various products below. Zhou Mingrui randomly clicked on a picture with his hand, and there was a specific product introduction: & lt Extremely Itchy Potion: People who smell the fragrance of the potion will have a rash within two days, which is extremely itchy. After two weeks, the drug effect will be relieved and the rash will fade. The price is 10 energy coins. If you want to buy, please double-click the picture. > Zhou Mingrui slid the screen with his hand and carefully searched for the information of the time reverser in the mall, but did not find it, ‘Kumar, why is there no time reverser?' [The time inverter is a commodity in the five-level mall. At present, the mall is at the first level. Only when it rises to the fifth level can it be purchased. In addition, it needs 2000 energy coins to rise to the second level, 8000 energy coins to rise to the third level, 32000 energy coins for rising to the fourth level, and 128000 energy coins for rising to the fifth level. Please refuel the host and start the five-level mall as soon as possible!] Zhou Mingrui really has a feeling of'making money is not easy ‘at this time. Of course, what he earns is not money, but energy money. ‘Kumar, how many times have the side quests been completed? ‘ [Because this month, the host has been brushing Yue's favorable rating. At present, the favorable rating is 72, and the task has been completed by 90%. It will be slower to rise again.] Zhou Mingrui thought, at this time from the Spring Festival is less than two months, Xi yuanzhe and he are the same age,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, then almost four months later, the protagonist will come through. He needs to hurry up and finish the side quests so that he can have more energy coins in reserve. But he also knows that it takes time, and feelings come from getting along. penghuangbottle.com


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