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Collagen Peptides Market Size, Market Trends and Future Forecasts to 2030

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We live in an era where there are a heap of skincare options available with a plenty of data about each. Till last few years, collagen was one of the treasured elements in anti-aging cosmetic products, but it did not play a topnotch role in the nutritional food supplement sector. Currently, collagen peptides supplements are gaining much popularity and demand due to their amazing health benefits.


As collagen peptides are attaining admiration, there are so many questions that might swirl in your head: What exactly are collagen peptides? What are they used for? And, even more importantly, why are they considered highly nutritious? Let’s dive in to get answers to all these questions:


Collagen is the protein present in abundant quantities in your body. Its nutritional and functional properties boosts the bone and joint health. Also, it promotes healthy and beautiful skin.


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What makes Collagen Peptides So Popular and Unique?

Collagen peptides have 8 of the 9 vital amino acids and are high in glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Due to the higher proportions of specific amino acids and vital di-peptides, such as hydroxyproline-glycine and hydroxyproline-proline, Wellnex collagen peptides can be easily absorbed within the body and helps in improving joint, bone, and skin health.


Here are six science-backed health benefits of consuming collagen peptides:


  1. Does miracles for your skin


Collagen peptides contributes in boosting your skin health, offering hydration and elasticity. It is as an ideal option for covering all your skin woes that begins once you start aging. This protein tends to slow down the aging process of your skin by minimizing wrinkles and adding extra hydration. The wrinkle-minimizing properties of collagen peptides supplements are mainly due to to their ability to encourage your body to generate collagen on its own.


  1. Eases Joint Pain


Collagen helps sustain the health of your tendon, which is a rubber-like tissue that guards your joints. As you start aging, the quantity of collagen in the body starts decreasing and the chances of degenerative joint disorders, like osteoarthritis, surges. Consuming collagen supplements have shown favorable outcomes in easing the symptoms of osteoarthritis and decreasing joint pain.


  1. Reduces bone loss


Collagen is present in larger quantities in bones and can give them structure and help keep them strong. When a person starts aging, the amount of collagen decreases, which also leads to loss of bone mass and causes diseases like osteoporosis. Researchers say that taking collagen supplements can diminish the risk of bone ailments.Top of FormBottom of Form


  1. Boosts muscle mass


Collagen peptides supplements claims to make your muscles strong and healthy by boosting the muscle mass. These supplements can increase the growth of muscles in people with age-related muscle mass loss.


  1. Promotes heart health


Consuming collagen peptides supplements can help in reducing the risk of heart-associated disorders. These supplements give structure to the arteries. Without adequate collagen, arteries might become weak and fragile.


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Some of the Food items that Contain Collagen Peptides:

Collagen peptides is present in the connective tissues of animals. Hence, pork skin, chicken skin, beef, and fish are rich sources of collagen peptide. Moreover, food items that have gelatin, for instance, bone broth, also contain collagen. However, more detailed studies are required to decide whether eating foods rich in collagen can help increase the amount of collagen in the body.


Does Collagen Peptide Supplements have any Side Effects?

At present, there aren’t many side-effects observed after consuming collagen peptide supplements. However, some supplements are produced from common food allergens, like eggs, fish, and shellfish. People who are allergic to these foods must stay away from collagen peptides supplements that contain these foods, to avoid allergic reactions.


On the other hand, some people have encountered that after consuming collagen peptide supplements a bad taste lingers in the mouth. Moreover, collagen peptide supplements might cause digestive side-effects, for instance, indigestion or loss of appetite. Irrespective of these points, the collagen peptide supplements seem to be safe and healthy for most of the people.


Why are Collagen Peptide Supplements So Popular?

The demand and popularity for collagen peptide supplements is growing rapidly due to changing lifestyle and growing health awareness among people. Also, with the rise of COVID-19 pandemic, doctors, nutritionists, governments, and healthcare professionals are encouraging people to adopt healthy eating habits, which is boosting the sales of nutritional supplements. As per a report by Research Dive, the global collagen peptides market  is predicted to witness augmented growth and generate a revenue of $1,169.5 million by 2027. 


Take Away Message!

Consuming collagen peptides can offer you with various health benefits and very few known side-effects. Collagen in supplements might give you a healthy skin by decreasing wrinkles and increasing hydration. Also, it can help reduce bone loss, boost muscle mass, and ease joint pain.


Even though, several food items contain collagen, it is not clear if the collagen in food items provides the similar health benefits as supplements. Supplements containing collagen peptide are usually healthy, safe, easy to consume, and absolutely worth giving a try for harnessing their amazing health benefits.


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