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But the story of the game goes much further. Some 2,000 years before the ancient Egyptians carved dice from animal bones, the Chinese had already invented playing cards. While these looked little like the decks of cards that we now use in our modern casinos, they were nevertheless clear forerunners of them. These cards were created as pictographs, representing various shapes and values, and were actually first used as paper money. 

They were traded for each Online Casino Singapore 2021 other and for goods and were also used for games of chance and as a reward for winning. These were mostly warcraft and skill contests, but also for commercial uses. Although there are no surviving examples of these early letters, their inference can be gleaned from what has been discovered in excavations and historical documents, insofar as the modern Chinese government has allowed excavation. The earliest surviving examples of Chinese playing cards date back to 613 AD.

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