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Colorbond roof sheets have quickly become a popular choice for many Australian homes. They are stylish, long-lasting, and resistant to various weather conditions.

Termatech technology in colorbond steel helps the material reflect more of the sun’s heat, helping to lower your air conditioning bills in summer. They are also a great thermal insulation for your home.


Colorbond roof sheets are among the most durable materials available for roofing in Australia. They are incredibly resilient, offering a range of protections against the extreme Australian weather.

They also come in a variety of colours to suit any home or building design. They are lightweight, solar reflective and provide excellent thermal insulation.

Moreover, they are a popular choice for homeowners in Australia as they are eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

The five layers of protection offered by colorbond roofs make them extremely long-lasting. These include steel base, a metallic coating, corrosion inhibitor primer, an exterior grade paint, and an improved paint film.


There are a wide range of colours available for colorbond roof sheets. These colors are specially designed to complement the Australian landscape and provide homeowners with the option of creating a unique facade.

In addition, these colors are durable and do not fade from exposure to sunlight or weather conditions. They also require low maintenance.

During those hot and humid summer days, lighter-coloured roofs (lower solar absorbance) can reflect more heat away from your home than darker-coloured ones (high solar absorbance). This reduces the amount of heat your household is exposed to, thereby lowering cooling and heating costs.

21 of the 22 Colorbond roofing colours feature a technology called Thermatech that takes advantage of this property. These thermal efficient Colorbond roofs help reduce your home’s cooling and heating bills by reducing strain on your air conditioner.


Lightweight yet strong, colorbond roof sheets are easy to install and maintain. They also stand up to intense weather conditions and are termite resistant.

This makes them a safer option for your property than tiles, which can be easily damaged by strong winds or are more prone to being corroded.

Thermatech solar reflectance technology improves the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heat gain during summer, so you don’t need to use as much air-conditioning. The lightweight materials also retain heat in winter, helping to keep your home warmer than with other roofing options.

With 22 contemporary, classic, matt and ultra shades available, you can customise your roof to suit your style and complement your other building materials. You can mix and match colors with eave gutters, fascia and downpipes for a complete look and feel.

Easy to install

Colorbond roof sheets are a modern alternative to traditional tiles, providing sleek, smooth and contemporary aesthetics for your home. They come in over 22 colours to suit all your decorating needs, and can be used on any home style.

They are also easier to install than tiled roofs, and often require less structural support, meaning they can cover larger open spaces without having to use a lot of beams or columns.

This makes them more cost-effective in the long run. They can also save you money on energy bills, as they reflect more of the sun’s rays, keeping your house cooler and reducing your air conditioning costs.

Energy efficient

Colorbond roof sheets are extremely energy efficient, especially when compared to other roofing materials. They have a thermo-technology that helps to insulate your home and keeps it cooler during the summer.

They can also help to reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in your home. This is because their ridges wick away rainwater and don’t pool as easily.

Moreover, they have a lot of colours and designs to choose from, so you can find one that suits your property. They also give your house a neat and modern appearance.

Colorbond steel is one of the most re-used products in the world, making it very environmentally friendly. It is also very lightweight, which means it requires fewer columns throughout your home to hold up the roof. This allows for a larger, open floor space in your home.



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