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Love hills and want to go somewhere very peaceful this vacation? Well, we have the perfect place for you, none other than Bhutan. Bhutan is often referred to as one of the most exquisite locations and is so close to India that this place has charm. You will be stunned to see that although Bhutan is located slowly close to India, both places' cultures are very different and yet so welcoming.


But sometimes, planning the entire trip out can be challenging, so we are here to help you. At Swan Tour, we have tried to ensure that, as clients, you do not need to wonder about anything else, and we can chalk it out for you. Bhutan is one of our favorite locations, so if you want a good time here, feel free to contact us.


As you would know by now, Bhutan is not in India, so you need to focus on some more factors that can help you stay in Bhutan easily. Swan Tour is for each of you!


How Do You Reach Bhutan?

Now the question that might arise is how do we arrange for your arrival in Bhutan and what options can be considered. The most beautiful journey can be set for you via the airlines, which is none other than Druk air. Anyone who has traveled via this flight would know that they are the most promising Bhutan airline that offers passengers comfort.


You will be required to take a flight to Paro, the capital city of Bhutan and probably the most beautiful one. The serenity of the place and the boost of culture make it such a common choice for people to nest at.


Things to Do In Bhutan:

Now we directly come to what you can do after you have reached Paro? The answer is straightforward. All you need to do is tell us how many days you are aiming to plan the trip, and we will incorporate all those elements which are indeed very important for you to have a watch. It will also include sightseeing, which will help you witness the beauty of Bhutan.


Not only that, we believe that to know any place well, you must first understand the concept of food. Hence we will give you a tour of the scrumptious food journey where you will have to try all the local food items. We must say that it is quite an experience!


And finally, we have to mention that the culture and handicrafts of Bhutan are also prevalent. If you see the exquisite work, even you will feel like getting them home and at least gifting them as souvenirs to your loved ones.



Bhutan is one of the most beautiful locations and perfect for at least a week's vacation. If you want to witness the beauty of Bhutan and that too with the best of amenities, don't forget to get in touch with us at Swan Tour today. We will plan out the best vacation just for you!



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