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As I said before, we, as individual, egos are creating UltraManifestation Review  war on God and Goddess. But with the every increasing discoveries of the ability of the mind which Science is becoming aware, and with new discoveries, new truth will prevail. It is with the limited consciousness of the ego, which creates separation of mind that one would be wise to resurrect anew to nurture the infant child, “the Christ Self”. Resurrect your peace from the restlessness of an every increasing ego protecting what is not real or truth. Then, surely you will be on your way to denouncing weakness and human attachment to illusion of limitation.

Daily, be resurrected with Christ's light as you take your individual conscious and merge with the illuminating light of Christ consciousness within your meditation. Be inspired and sustained in the wisdom of the transparent purity which will build for you the ability to manifest your spiritual powers to lift the soul beyond fear and fear based ideas and associated feelings that come with such thoughts.

Ask yourself one question. Do you want to let your mind to be crucified with all the trials and temptations which you under go daily due to your lack of ability to have the inner eyes and ears to open to the truth of the existence of your immortal soul. This is the journey of everyone. Start to day to begin to be a self resurrected soul who chooses to awaken your spiritual ardor through self contemplation within meditation and resurrect into the consciousness of the absolute known of the peace and beauty of the soul.



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