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Looking for Commercial Certificate and Invoice of Origin for country like Egypt?

Well, read the details below to get complete knowledge.

International Apostille Service Incorporation, process certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoices issued across different US States and District of Columbia in DC. We are known to be leader in Legalization, Document certification, attesting and other Apostille services.

Mentioned below are the details to complete the Legalizing and Certifying documents for Egypt:

It Includes:

  • Signature and notarization of company representative.
  • Both Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin.
  • Document from US Department of State legalization.
  • Also, requires Egypt Embassy legalization (Only processed through the Embassy).

The certificate of Origin which is also called as COO or C/O is the document required for International Trade. The document is completed by exporters and issued by the recognized body which could be the Local Chamber of Commerce, State, Federal Government or Company Representative. The issuing body attests the goods in particular export shipment that have been manufactured, produced or processed with in a country. In this case the origin of the product does not refer to the country from where the goods have been shipped from, but to the country where they have been manufactured. In the event the products are manufactured in many countries, the origin of country is obtained where the last substantial economically justified processing or working is carried out.

In case of foreign trade the commercial invoice is used as custom document. While exporting an item across international borders, the document can be used as declaration provided by corporation or person.

The document holds no specific format.  It includes specific piece of information which consists of the party involvement while shipping transaction or when the goods are transported, manufacturing country details and harmonized system code used for goods. In order to ensure that the invoice in true it requires a signature along with statement attached ensuring its genuineness.

Note :- if you are exporting product from india to UAE then UAE Embassy Attestation is required .


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